Revival-Fire Church Worship Live! 01-30-23-Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour-2Cor.5

Dear Family Of God,

This Monday night’s worship service was really good, in SO many ways. We are sorry for the delay in getting started, as WE have trying to resolve all of the technical issues over the past several months, with some months being better than others. But the past few weeks have been very problematic with things we still were not able to resolve. Due to the continuing technical issues, we were led of the Lord to buy a low priced high quality live stream camera, which does all the work in the live stream. This new live stream camera eliminates all the buffering, cut outs & other glitches we have been experiencing over time. It cost $450 including the extended warranty. It turned out to be more complicated to setup than we thought. We were trying to input the audio directly into the live stream camera, which it does do, but when time ran out & we were “late”, we couldn’t setup the audio mixer board correctly. This ended up causing a LOT of pressure (it was a trial!), with us being so late, considering we came to the church building much earlier than normal! Well, this mixer board we have been using for 4 years is old. Alex got it used many years before & let us use it. It is a bit “complicated” with all of the input\outputs it has, but it has served us well in this time well over the years, but tonight it started showing “static” problems with the inputs, which is not a good sign, so we had a bit of static during this service. But, as you will notice the video output to this worship service’s live stream is very clear & a higher quality. Because of the late start, we had to opt to use the live stream camera’s built int microphones, which is very sensitive & picked up even ambient noises in the building. By the grace of God, this week we will get the audio inputs set properly & then we will have a high quality audio to go along with the new high quality video!  

Anyway, in this worship service, we had a lot happen, with the Lord bringing forth many prophetic words, as well as words of wisdom through out the entire service. It was really powerful, all in all! Our time going through 2 Cor. 5 was really good, as the word of God was “unpacked” to show us greater insight & understanding in the truth of what God has given to us. And, as always expected, the main prophetic word towards the end of the service was really important! With all of this in mind, please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of love:


The Lords says: “I come to My people this day to ENCOURAGE them IN Me & to give them HOPE. For My hope is NOT the hope that many live by. For many who say they are Mine live by THEIR own perception of hope. For these will live their self lives thinking that everything MUST happen the way they think, instead of understanding the way things truly are. For surely many are presently under PRESSURE because of their circumstances. And I say “their circumstances”, because what they are EXPERIENCING is coming forth to HELP them to understand the way things truly are. For their circumstances are only a FIXATION on their self life.

For when things do not go the way they think they should, they DOUBT My word & allow the lies of their enemy to take hold of them & try to MANEUVER them out of My will. For I tell you this day, that this is happening on an INCREASED level because so many STILL hold onto their self lives. So many do not seem to understand that they are NOT their own, for they were bought with a price. I keep telling you this because I am causing my people to SEE things as they really are. The time has come for My people to TRULY BE My people. Not a people that merely CLAIMS to be Mine, but a people that will DEMONSTRATE the reality of who’s they truly are, BY their lives.

I am calling for My people to STOP living the way THEY want, doing only the things that THEY desire, for the Kingdom of Heaven IS at hand, but so few ARE living in My kingdom. So many are really only living in their OWN kingdoms, saying it is My Kingdom. Why is it that so many do not seem to be ABLE to discern this? Could it be because so many have been DILUTED & CONFUSED by well meaning doctrines of men, that appease the flesh to DO what the flesh pleases? I ask you this because the time has come for you to RECON your lives with Me now…before the time at the judgement seat of Christ.

 I say this because I am giving you opportunity to see the NEED for CHANGE & to COME to Me IN your lives & DO as I desire. So many think that they please Me, but the truth is, they ONLY please Me in the things that THEY desire to do. For I tell you the truth that in MANY who say they are Mine, most ONLY love Me in the way that THEY decide to love Me…NOT in the ways that I have said. How can a people who SAY they are Mine & love Me, only love Me as they desire? I say this to WAKE you up to the truth & reality of your self lives. For the truth is that most only love me, as it is CONVENIENT to them & IF it supports their flesh man’s desire for SELF exultation.

For I tell you the truth…when things do not go the way that many desire, this is an OPPORTUNITY to show them the truth of what IS IN them. For I have told you that tribulations & trials are “pressure”. This pressure comes to show what is truly WITHIN them. For the outcome of this pressure will either cause an reaction OUT OF the flesh, or a response OUT OF the spirit. The reaction out of the flesh will be EVIDENT, for it will reek of worldliness, whereas the response out of the spirit will reek of SEEKING MY Face & will for THEIR lives. I tell you these things because i love you with an everlasting love & it is My desire for you to BE CLOSE to My heart.

But this can only happen when you will FORSAKE pleasing the self heart of flesh & SEEK to please only Me. The time has come for My people to truly BE My people. I say this because in the time ahead many will NOT be able to hold on to the things of the self life, as they have. For the pressures will either DRIVE them from Me or closer to Me. There CANNOT be a continuation of the way things have been. For I am calling My people into a GREATER integrity than ever before. So many think that they have integrity, yet the truth in this, is that many only walk in a MEASURE of integrity, as THEY see fit.

But I am opening the eyes of many’s understanding & causing them to SEE things on a higher level. What was “ok” before MUST now change & come UNDER greater scrutiny. For the deeper My people desire to go in Me, the greater work I must do WITHIN them. For Me to increase within them, they MUST decrease. So few seem to understand the truth in this. So few truly seem to KNOW the truth of My word, when I said you are to love Me with all your heart, mind, soul & strength. Yes, many will quote this, but the truth is, few truly EMBRACE this with their lives, as I desire.

For I tell you, how do you think your lives would be if you TRULY obeyed My words & loved Me as I commanded? But still, many HOLD to their self lives, never understanding the truth that is within them & they continue forward in their complacency & compromise. I tell you that the time for My glory to MANIFEST within My people has come, but few will ENTER into this glory, for it will REQUIRE that they FORSAKE their self life & few are willing to do this, though they SAY they do or will do. Each of you are on this life road going forward & each of you MUST make the decisions of heart going forward.

And I tell you that the choices that are made WILL bring forth a harvest in due time. The thing is that My people recognize that this is according to My time & also according to what IS sown IN & THRU their lives. I need My people to see the TRUTH that is within them, for even in this night I have manifest the truth thru My word, to help you to see the way things truly are. So many think that they have already been reconciled unto Me, but in truth, they are ONLY reconciled in the things that they have yielded to Me in obedience. I tell you there is still MUCH pride within many, though they FAIL to see this!

For My salvation is a continuing work, as My people do THEIR part in seeking to obey & please Me, but also YIELDING their lives in the things that I have said they MUST yield. I need My people to see that this earth home is not what they need to be FIXATED with…it is the Heavenly home that awaits each of you, as you will walk forward in the things that I have said. And in this walking forward, I will cause many to see the LACK of integrity in their lives & call them to repent! When I say repent, I am not talking about taking what I say & using it for your benefit, but for you to take it FOR yourselves first & truly APPLY what I said to you.

For the work of repentance MUST truly take hold WITHIN you, before I can use it to go forth THRU you. For if you are not walking in what you say to others, you are a hypocrite & lack the integrity that I REQUIRE. Remember, I have given you the ministry of reconciliation. How can you reconcile others when you have NOT truly reconciled yourself? I am looking for a TRUE humility within My people…not a pseudo humility that rises up within! Didn’t I say you would know them BY their fruits? Even so, as My people walk forward, they WILL show forth the truth of the fruit that IS within them.

For I will cause the truth to manifest & it will no longer be HIDDEN behind that which is pseudo. So many claim to walk with Me & desire Me to use them & to these I say, the time has come to truly show the truth IN your hearts & surrender your ALL unto Me. For I cannot use you the way that I desire, as long as self IS ruling within. I need My people to truly BE My people…not a false people that ONLY say they are Mine. I know this may seem to be a bit harsh to some, but I NEED you to know the truth within you! I need you to sense the DESPERATION in My heart towards those who say they are Mine.

For I love you & gave Myself for you, a SACRIFICE well pleasing unto My Father. I need those who say they are Mine to remember My words…for I said, IF any would follow Me, they MUST deny their SELF, take up their cross & follow Me. I need you to SEE the truth in this. For IF you are NOT denying self, you are NOT following Me! This is simple truth…it is just hard to accept & to walk in! This is because the self life is so STRONG in many in this hour. I need My people to see the truth in this hour & to take BOLD steps forward. These bold steps will take them OUT OF the self life & INTO the life that pleases Me.

I am waiting for you to hear My voice & follow Me. I have ALREADY walked out the path for you to take. All you have to do is FOLLOW Me. The choice is yours, for I CANNOT make the choice for you. You will either continue in this self walk, or you will see the NEED for change & begin stepping forward IN what I have for you. I look for each of you to make the RIGHT decisions in the time ahead. For there are things coming & in these things many will be required to make DRASTIC decisions to step forward…for the choices will EITHER be for self or for Me. I want you to make the right choices. As you will do this you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the entirety of what He shared during this service…He said a LOT more, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in this entire service to get the most impact of all that He shared! This Monday Night’s Worship Service was live streamed @ 7pm CST on YouTube & will be uploaded to RUMBLE later. If you were unable to join us live, you can partake of this service at a later time by going here:

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God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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