Revival-Fire Church Worship Live! 03-13-23-Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour-2Cor.11

Dear Family Of God,

This Monday night’s worship service was incredible…the anointing was SO tangible! There was such freedom & grace released during our time together. The Lord gave us several prophetic words & also many words of wisdom. The main prophetic word which we include below was SO potent & needed in this hour. It is much longer than usual, but it shows that we as God’s people truly need to see the things that the Lord is saying to us in this hour & embrace them with our lives. With all of this in mind, please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of love:


The Lords says: “I come to My people this day to show them the way that they MUST go. For in the days ahead, many will lose sight of what is REALLY important & will be drawn away by the multitude of things that will PRESENT themselves before them. I need My people to know that this is the time of the great EXPOSURE, as i have already said. This is the time of PRESSURE to show My people the truth of what is IN their hearts. And in this time, i will REVEAL to ALL of My people where they truly STAND in Me. For some will DISCOVER just how FAR they are from Me & I will CALL them to repent & return unto Me in this hour.

To others, I will show the PROGRESS they are making & encourage them to STAND in this hour, knowing that the work I HAVE done in them in times past was to PREPARE them for what is yet AHEAD. There will be those who will be shocked & shipwrecked because of their OWN complacency & compromise that I am causing to be made MANIFEST & REALIZED in their hearts & lives. These will have to make a strong dedication & commitment to SHAKE themselves free from the things that I reveal within their hearts & I will strengthen them to RISE UP from where they are & to ENTER into that place that I have prepared for them.

For truly this IS the hour for My bride to make herself ready! I need all of My people to know the SERIOUSNESS of this hour & to do THEIR part to change the way things are. Many of My people do NOT understand what this means, because of the many well meaning doctrines & theologies that have taken many of My people away from Me & led into a pseudo faith, that REALLY only amounts to idolatry. Many will SEE the corruption they have allowed WITHIN them & they will fall down before Me in TRUE repentance, knowing the truth that has been in their hearts was NOT of Me, but of the evil one to SEPARATE My people into a FALSE people that only seek My life & blessings, for SELF.

In this hour I will CALL multitudes to rise up into a TRUE walk with Me, no longer compromising their lives by self, for these will SUDDENLY see the way things truly have been & will no longer allow themselves to be ENTRAPPED & SNARED by them. Many will WONDER at what I will do IN & THRU these people as I take them OUT OF what has been & take them INTO the way things are SUPPOSED to be. For many of My people have been CORRUPTED from the simplicity that is IN Christ Jesus & have made for themselves a FALSE faith that EXISTS only on THEIR level, for the things that THEY desire.

Very few have truly heard My voice & risen up INTO the words that I say. For even in those who do hear My voice, they only hear what they WANT to hear. They mainly only hear that which IS of blessing, goodness & favor. These same ones FAIL to hear the corresponding requirements for even these very blessings, goodness & favor that they claim FOR themselves. I need My people to understand the TRUTH of My word…not just the parts of truth that appeases SELF. I need My people to know My truth WITHIN their hearts & lives. For only those who will do this are TRULY pleasing unto Me.

Those who only do the things THEY decide to do in obeying My words, are only pleasing in PART. I desire My people to be WELL pleasing in My sight, but so many are FAR from this because they only obey IN part. My people need to understand that this walk WITH Me is not according to YOUR understanding. It is according to what I SAY. It is not dependent on what YOU decide is FOR you, it is dependent on what I said ALONE. I need My people to take their places AT My side. For only at My side can My people ENTER into the very place I have prepared for them. Only THEN can My people take hold of Me & My promises as I desire.

For as long as My people will only take hold of Me from a DISTANCE, they are only WARMING themselves in the fire…when I want them to jump INTO the fire & be CONSUMED. For only as you are consumed can i PURIFY & CLEANSE you to BE vessels of My glory. Only as My life will RENOVATE & take hold of EVERY area of your lives, can My life manifest IN you as I desire. So many ARE content in their lives, just as things are, but I tell you that this will soon change, for the pressure that is coming WILL reveal the TRUTH of this contentment & will DRIVE My people either TOWARDS Me, or AWAY from Me.

The latter being because they REFUSE to resist SELF, as I require & BE CONFORMED INTO My image. I tell you these things BECAUSE I love you with an everlasting love & it IS My desire that you BE with Me. So many think that they already ARE with Me, but as I already said, these are only near Me from a DISTANCE, for they somehow do not see the NEED for them to jump into the fire & BE consumed. They are satisfied with THEIR self life & refuse to let go & come to Me. I need you all to see the SERIOUSNESS of this hour & recognize there is a DESPERATION in My voice, because so many THINK that all is well WITHIN them & somehow think that I will just rapture them as they are.

These fail to see that I am coming for those who have made THEMSELVES ready. Most of those who say they are Mine, have NOT made themselves ready…they have only made themselves, their SELF LIFE, which they think is of Me. I challenge My people to take hold of Me & My words in this hour, because I desire to set you FREE Only as you will RESIST the wicked one & his lies, will you be ABLE to be free. There are SO many areas that My people have been compromised in & in many of these who HAVE gained some freedom, they fall into the FALSEHOOD of thinking just because they have arisen in SOME areas that they are where I desire them to BE.

When the truth is, they are ONLY right in those areas they HAVE surrendered unto Me & I seek to free them in ALL the others. The enemy is using the situations all around the world to KEEP My people FIXATED on those things, so they will not SEE the need to DO as I tell them to do. I need My people to understand that the situations in the world are only a DISTRACTION to keep My people from seeing & hearing My voice in this hour, so they will be UNABLE to change & BE close to Me. I need My people to know that distractions are just THAT…that DISTRACT from the GREATER purpose & only as you WILL see this will you know the truth, that this is the time for My people to SUBMIT unto me, RESIST the devil & he will FLEE.

He is NOT fleeing, because so many of My people ARE doing what he wants them to do. They are not submitting unto Me…they ARE submitting to the will of the enemy. Remember what I told you last week. Only those who are hearing UNDER Me, are those who ARE obedient, for hearing under Me speaks of TRUE submission. Those that are hearing NEAR Me, ARE disobedient, because they are NOT submitted, they only hear me from NEAR, out of SELF, meaning they really are only submitted to THEIR self life. I share these things because in this hour many will be taken HOSTAGE by their self life & IF NOT corrected, IF NOT addressed, IF NOT repented of, they will ONLY be drawn farther away from Me.

I need My people to KNOW the seriousness of this hour. Do not just cast My words aside, because you have heard of the revivals that HAVE started. I already cautioned to BE careful, because only those who ARE jumping into the fires & being consumed in the fires of repentance are those who are REALLY entering into revival. Those who are only entering in “near” to the fire, warming themselves, holding fast THEIR self lives, thinking that all will right within them, these are PARTAKING of the FALSE revival of the evil one. Remember that it IS the goodness of God that LEADS you TO repentance.

So how can people say they are entering into My goodness, yet do NOT repent? This is a lie of the enemy, CRAFTED by him to deceive my people that BEING close to the fire IS good enough. It is NOT good enough, for in this hour, such will ONLY be compromised even more by the pseudo faith & falsehoods that will only draw them FARTHER from My truth & life. This IS part of the great DELUSION that I said would come. I need My people to take note & RECOGNIZE that there is a lot going on around them that many are NOT seeing & My people MUST now become diligent to not be ensnared by the PSEUDO Christianity that has SPREAD amongst the churches in this world.

Understand that I AM bringing revival, I just need you to know the DIFFERENCE of what is real & what is false. Do not be tricked into something that is NOT of Me. For I will take hold of My people & cause them to SHINE as lights in this world in this hour. Those who will TRULY shine as I desire them to, WILL resist the false things that the enemy is TRYING to raise up at this time. Hear Me, My people & walk circumspectly, redeeming the time for the days are TRULY evil. For as you WILL recognize the reality of the ways things are, I WILL help you to walk & navigate thru all that is ahead. You have nothing to fear, BUT Me.

I need you to know this, because the enemy is causing fear to ramp up all over the world, due to the current situations. But I call My people to RESIST this & to come CLOSER to Me, for I alone am your SHELTER in time of trouble. Do not allow the enemy to CONFUSE you or to take hold of your thoughts because of the “unknown” that is APPROACHING in this time. For I need My people to KEEP their thoughts on what IS known & by that I mean, as you will truly KNOW ME, as i desire, INTIMATELY, there will be nothing that will BE ABLE to take hold of you, for you WILL walk forward in this hour BEING led of Me & I WILL take you where you need to go & SHOW you My salvation.

So BE encouraged, My people & know IN your hearts that as you WILL seek Me, you WILL find Me. If you WILL only seek that which is OF self, you will only find SELF & self is only something that TAKES you farther & farther from Me. I do not want that in My people. The time has come for My people to truly BE My people. I have been PREPARING you for what is ahead, so take hold of My words & walk WITH Me. Take hold of My love & STAY fresh IN My love, take hold of the reality of who I AM IN you & around you & you will know that all IS well. For as you will DO all of these things, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the entirety of what He shared during this service…He said a LOT more, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in this entire service to get the most impact of all that He brought forth for all of us! This Monday Night’s Worship Service was live streamed @ 7pm CST on YouTube & will be uploaded to RUMBLE later. If you were unable to join us live, you can partake of this service at any later time by going here:

We hope the Lord’s prophetic words are a blessing & encouragement to you. If you would like to help support this apostolic/prophetic ministry, you can give your much needed donation here:

God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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