Revival-Fire Church Worship Live! 04-10-23-Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour-Gal.2

Dear Family Of God,

This Monday night’s worship service was incredible! The power & impact that the Lord made through out the service was something that is hard to put into words. He gave many words of wisdom & prophetic words through out the service in preparation for the message & then hit us with a big bang…as He spoke for the huge prophetic words near the end, which we include below. These times with Him are getting more & more powerful, as we enter into His glory, for He is bringing His people before Him, with exposed hearts, to see the truth that is within. With all of this in mind, please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of love:


The Lords says: “I come to you in this hour to TAKE THE COVER OFF of the things that you have received In times past, as the enemy has worked thru his vessels to SECRETLY bring in heresies & doctrines that violate My words & remove My people from the CLOSENESS that I desire with them. For in this hour many are now BEGINNING to see with their hearts the THINGS that the enemy has done both within them & also around them. For as times goes by, many will have their eyes OPENED to the reality of what the enemy has done to them & they will enter into My FREEDOM, as I work mightily within them to bring CHANGE to this lost & corrupt world.

So many have taken hold of his evil workings within My church & many more will ARISE out of darkness into My marvelous LIGHT in the time ahead. I come to My people to help them along the way, as they will SEEK Me to see the truth that IS within their hearts, I will ILLUMINATE the truth that is within them so they can see the ERROR of their ways & RETURN unto Me from their own ways in this hour. For the hour is waning & much is about to OCCUR. I did WARN you of this…I told you that things were COMING that would shake the very FOUNDATIONS of your faith. It is time for you to SEE the truth, so you can truly BE free.

Not free to live as YOU desire. Not free to live in your SELF life. Not free to merely ENJOY your way of life, thinking all is well. But to be free in ME, so I can USE YOU in this hour for My glory. So many say they ‘want to see My glory come’, but the truth is, they want to see My glory come having NO part of it, but to RECEIVE. I need you to see that in your walk with Me there MUST be action…there must be ENERGY, which speaks of YOUR working with, in & thru Me! You can no longer just live YOUR life as you have in times past. You can no longer think that your life is YOUR own & you can DO as you please.

If you look at things as they are now, you will have to admit that most are experiencing CHAOS & DISORDER in THEIR hearts & lives, due to the things that are taking place around the world. I tell you these things to help you, for you now need to PREPARE for what is yet ahead. I gave you SOFT promptings, telling you to COME OUT OF darkness into My marvelous light, yet even with all that I GAVE you, so many have REMAINED complacent & compromised, not realizing what they were REALLY doing. For in REALITY not listening to Me & doing as I have said, shows just how CLOSE you are to Me & how much you truly CARE for what I say.

It shows that your heart is NOT really Mine…it shows your hearts are STILL your own, owned by YOU, to do as you please, NOT as I please. This may sound harsh…this may sound stern, but this is the REALITY of many who say they are Mine. What is supposed to be My people is now SHOWING the truth in their lives, that they are REALLY just their own, PRETENDING to be Mine. I need you to SEE the truth within your hearts, for you SHOW Me each & every day the REALITY. And I keep waiting for you…I keep loving you, as husband waits for his bride, to make HERSELF ready for marriage.

And I tell you, that the wedding IS coming…for things ARE being prepared on all levels. You have come to the time where the 10 virgins ALL slumbered & slept. It is now time for you to AWAKE, you that sleeps & ARISE from the dead & I shall give you light. As you will enter into the ILLUMINATION that I AM bringing all around the world & EMBRACE My love for you, as it is SUPPOSED to be, you will take hold of MY OIL that is being released in this hour. For this is the hour for MY GLORY to shine forth! I tell you now, before it is too late…DO YOUR PART to buy My oil, so that you will NOT be as the 5 foolish virgins, who LET their lamps go out!

For if you do not do this NOW, there will not be time to do it later…for you know the END to that story & you do not want to be like one of them that had the door SLAMMED shut on them! For the reality of THEIR love was shown, that I never KNEW them as I desired. I only knew them in the LITTLE that they would give Me, really like SCRAPS given from the table to a dog! And then the TRUTH of their lives was MANIFEST. I do NOT want THIS for any that SAY they are Mine. You must now SEE the truth within your heart & TRULY surrender unto Me. I love you ALL with an everlasting love & it IS needful for you to HEAR My voice in this hour.

I HAVE warned you, I HAVE advised you, I HAVE encouraged you…to LET GO of the things that YOU hold dear to SELF & to come CLOSE to Me & time is NOW running out. The LANDSCAPE of your reality MUST now change, for the lack of My people’s true surrender & obedience unto me IS NOW being made manifest THRU the things that are coming on the earth. So many THINK that these things are coming of their own, but I tell you that they are coming because they are the REAPING of what those who say they are Mine HAVE SOWED. For so many have continued to sow the things in their SELF lives, thinking that they were doing Me service, when all they were doing was SEEDING the things for DESTRUCTION ahead.

This may SOUND horrible, but the truth WILL set you free. It is time to take RESPONSIBILITY for your lives & DO the things that I say. It is time to TRULY BE My people…not just a people that CLAIM to be Mine. If you want to see things change, you MUST change, to BRING change. For you ARE the light of the world & what you do with YOUR life brings forth the light of ITS KIND to this world. I have told you this, but so many do not seem to be IMPACTED. Many say to Me, ‘why I allow all the corruption & evil to escalate around them?’. My answer is, it is NOT Me that is allowing it…it IS YOU!

For the enemy is only ABLE to bring forth the increase of EVIL in this world by CAUSING My people to give him LEGAL right, THRU the things they ALLOW within their hearts & lives. The things that so many NEVER think matters. My people do not SEE that the covetousness of SELF, the SECRET thoughts in the heart, along with the ACTUAL sin that many will DO, give the devil the RIGHT to escalate evil IN this world. For IF the light that BE in you BE darkness, HOW great IS that darkness? The has come for My people to SHINE the truth of My word IN their lives. So many cannot believe that I say this, but the truth is right there in FRONT of you all.

I can SHOW you this with one simple statement. How many SOULS have YOU personally led to Christ in YOUR life? Your answer shows the truth WITHIN your heart. I say out of My great love for you, because all that My Father has given Me, I do NOT want to lose EVEN one! But the end result DEPENDS on each of YOU. For you MUST ALL stand before Me, at the JUDGMENT seat of Christ, to give account for the deeds done in YOUR bodies. I tell you these things because of the seriousness of this hour. There can be no more playing your RELIGIOUS games, for this is NOT a game…this IS reality & you ARE walking forward to the end & what YOU do from this moment forward WILL have an affect on you.

 I have CALLED you INTO My freedom & liberty, but so many have taken what I gave & PERVERTED it into something that I NEVER intended. My freedom is NOT so you can live freely the way YOU want. My freedom is so you can live freely as I want. The choice is yours…for the time ahead will show the reality of WHICH freedom you will walk in. As My glory is increasingly manifest around the world, you will EITHER enter into My glory, by surrendering your SELF life, or you will continue to LOOK ON My glory, ‘warming yourself by the fire’, thinking all is right & well within you.

Please do not listen to the VOICE of the enemy that tells you that everything is ‘ok’ in & with you. For he IS a thief & a liar. He IS NOT speaking my words, but only a SLANTED\EXCERPTED\LIMITED version of My truth, just as he did to Me in the wilderness. Only as you will HOLD FAST to what I have said, will things be alright & the end result that I desire will come for you. Take hold of My words for you this day & do NOT let them go. For they ARE life to him that finds them & health to ALL their flesh. I love you all & desire you to BE close to Me. Do your part in this & I will do Mine.

Know that as you walk forward IN Me & WITH Me in this hour that I WILL be with you & I WILL cover you. My glory WILL BE a shelter & a provision to you & BY My glory, I WILL cause you will BE sought out by the lost & hurting because of what I HAVE done & AM NOW doing in your life. This IS the hour that you will show Me the truth of what IS truly within you. Please do not listen to the enemy’s lies & ‘let’ this time pass you by without your righteous RESPONSE to My call! Take HOLD of Me as never before in this hour & WATCH what I will do & you will NOT be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the entirety of what He shared during this service…He said a LOT more, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in this entire service to get the most impact of all that He brought forth for all of us! This Monday Night’s Worship Service was live streamed @ 7pm CST on YouTube & will be uploaded to RUMBLE later. If you were unable to join us live, you can partake of this service at any later time by going here:

We hope the Lord’s prophetic words are a blessing & encouragement to you. If you would like to help support this apostolic/prophetic ministry, you can give your much needed donation here:

God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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