Revival-Fire Church Worship Live! 05-01-23-Returning Unto God From Our Own Ways In This Hour-Gal.5

Dear Family Of God,

When we started the service, somehow I accidentally “touched” the live stream controller, which has a touch screen & it made the video “messed up”…it took me a little time to get it back to the normal configuration. Once this was resolved, the worship service was INCREDIBLE! After we got home, I was able to edit the “messed up”part out to when we actually started the worship service. It is very understandable “why” the enemy tried to mess things up. This was truly a time we all need to hear, receive & righteously respond to the heart of God. He gave many prophetic words, words of wisdom plus the message in Gal. 5 that the Lord unpacked to us was a real “WOW! And the main prophetic word that He gave us near the end of the service, which we include below is very important! With all of this in mind, please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of love:


The Lord says: “I come to My people in this hour to help them to ALIGN to the truth of My word. For many believe that they ARE walking as I have called them to walk. Many think that they truly walk IN My spirit. But the reality of this is NOW revealed, as I have taken the cover off of the complacency & compromise that EXISTS IN the great majority of those who say they are Mine. For I tell you, IF you will be truly honest with yourselves & LOOK at your hearts…IF you will be truly honest with yourselves & LOOK at your lives…you WILL see that these things do not LINE UP with the truth of what I have said.

This IS very important for you to understand at this time, because of the LATENESS of the way things ARE. For I have called you OUT OF darkness INTO My marvelous light. But so many believe that they HAVE answered My call as I have called forth & have come out of the darkness. But the truth IS, that most have only answered My call in the ways that THEY want & have only come out of the darkness that THEY have chosen to come out of. For IF you look at the great majority of those who say they are Mine, you will recognize the LACK of the true walking IN My Spirit. For I have shown you this very night that the fruit of my spirit IS SINGULAR.

This means that there is only ONE fruit of My spirit & this fruit breaks down INTO love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness & self control. These are NOT individual fruits (plural)…they ALL IN ONE ARE the fruit of My Spirit. I need My people to understand this, because THIS shows that IN MANY, I am NOT truly allowed access or REALLY made lord OVER your lives. I am only lord over the things that YOU have decided. My lordship has taken a back seat to what YOU decide to do. For your hearts show THIS reality in how you react & how you respond to the circumstances of life.

I do NOT say these things to condemn you…I share these things because I love YOU with an everlasting love & I want you to BE like Me. I look at you as you deal with the things of life & I tell you that MUCH of what I see does NOT line up with the way things ARE supposed to be. I have called you INTO My life & liberty, yet so many take what I have given & somehow have been persuaded & convinced that what they are doing IS right with Me. How can these things be? For this persuasion is NOT of My spirit! This persuasion comes OUT OF complacency & compromise, to do those things that appeases the flesh.

I need you to SEE that the one that is CAUSING these troubles within My people will NOT go unpunished, for My judgement IS sure! It grieves Me to see My people being lured INTO a state of existence to where they think & believe that they can do whatever THEY decide to do. How can you forget that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? That lumps becomes a MIXTURE of what is leavened INTO it & as time goes by, My people lose sight of what IS OF Me & what HAS ensnared them of the enemy. My people say that they would NEVER believe in or go after things of “heresy”, yet I have now SHOWED you that heresy IS your SELF choice!

I NEED you to understand the seriousness of what is happening WITHIN My people, so that you can know the truth & be set free. So much IS out of place in the hearts & lives of My people. There is so much that My people are NOT even aware of that IS going on within them. So many are dealing with issues that they CANNOT deal with, not EVEN realizing that MUCH of these things ARE because of the CHOICES that they have made in the process. THESE things are very grieving to My Spirit, for I came to set the captives FREE! Yet, the evil one has managed to instill things CONTRARY to My will INTO the hearts & lives of My people, because they STILL hold strong to their SELF lives.

I need My people to understand this, so they CAN change direction & go My way. It is My desire that My people ENTER into My freedom & liberty & once there, they ARE to stand stationary & unmovable. This IS what it takes to NOT become entangled with the things of THIS world. People get into trouble because they do NOT stand still…they get talked into moving INTO a certain direction, instead of staying where I have them IN My will. In case you didn’t understand this, THAT means a person decides to move IN their OWN will! This reality covers every area of your lives, for YOUR life choices ARE evident, they ARE made manifest & revealed SHINING by the directions YOU choose to go.

For when you do as YOU desire, you are in essence falling OUT OF My grace & INTO your own will. Is it any wonder that your lives are SO full of contradiction & suffering? So few realize the REALITY that they have caused by taking their OWN steps in decisions for their lives, instead of HEEDING My words to them. If you LOOK at your lives & see a LACK of the true fruit of My spirit, that should show you that you TRULY need to humble yourselves unto Me! It SHOULD show you that IN your lives, you have NOT truly surrendered UNTO Me, as you believe you have.

The time has come for My people to show Me the truth of WHO they say they are. Are you TRULY in unity with Me, or are you only standing double, making your own decisions & stepping forward as YOU desire, saying you are walking with me? Since you SAY that you live IN My spirit, you SHOULD continuously actively march & keep in step WITH My will. You SAY that you are soldiers of the Lord, if this is true, you would SHOW this with your lives. I love you ALL & it truly IS My desire that you BE like Me!

I need you to see that you are to actively CRUCIFY your sufferings & lustful passions, as My word says. For as you walk IN your life each day, the truth of this IS shown thru ALL that you go thru. I need you to see this, so you can make a CHANGE & walk IN My truth. For IN My freedom I have called you to serve as SLAVES of My love to one another, even as I have loved you & GIVEN Myself a ransom for many. COME close to Me so I can USE you in this hour, for as you WILL surrender & yield to Me you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”


As always, remember…the Lord’s words above do not reveal the entirety of what He shared during this service…He said a LOT more, especially in the Message. If you have not already done so, please be sure to take in this entire service to get the most impact of all that He brought forth for all of us! This Monday Night’s Worship Service was live streamed @ 7pm CST on YouTube & will be uploaded to RUMBLE later. If you were unable to join us live, you can partake of this service at any later time by going here:

We hope the Lord’s prophetic words are a blessing & encouragement to you. If you would like to help support this apostolic/prophetic ministry, you can give your much needed donation here:

God bless each of you!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

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