Prophetic Words & Exhortations From Monday Night’s Powerful Worship Service July 5, 2021

Dear Family Of God,

As we shared in a previous email, for reasons still unknown, YouTube cut off & censored our Live Stream. The Lord told me to share the prophetic words He gave & also the prophetic exhortations that also came all throughout the service, so I have taken my time to transcribe those parts for each of you. Please prayerfully receive all that He has given:


The Lord says My people. They come to Me & they draw near with their lips but their hearts are far from Me. And I say unto you, My people the time for playing games is over the time for playing church is over. You must decide. Yes. You must decide. Are you going to rise up in Me? Are you going to begin to do the exploits that I’ve called to do? Or are you going to stay where you are & fall behind? The choice is yours, My people & it grieves Me to see so many that just continue to hold on & continue to stay back…continue to not do what I’ve called in the do. But tonight is your night, says God, for as you will yield your heart and open to Me, as I speak & I blow through afresh from My word. You shall be changed, forevermore , says the Lord”.


Hallelujah. Thank you Lord. Thank you, Lord. Yes. God we want we want true revival God. And we know true revival comes only by repentant hearts. God, we look & see. We look & see how things are Lord. And We’re not going to say, oh, that’s something that someone else, cause that not me. No, no, no. We we, we take our place and we say, we ARE responsible. We HAVE caused this Darkness out there. For Lord, Your word has said, and we shall not come against your word, Lord, and we thank you. And we praise you. Lord for giving us more time, more time. Lord, to do what you want us to do, deep within our hearts. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Tonight, God is calling us. This is an altar call. This is an altar call service tonight! Tonight, God is going to God is going to do some work. Oh yes. He’s going to go…you know, you gonna go to the dentist & you get a deep cleaning, you know? And I’m telling you if you’ve ever had a deep cleaning & then you go home & you’re spitting out blood for sometimes days and this is what happens when you get deeply cleaned.

God’s going to spill, is going to cause blood to spill. Yes, the blood of Jesus is going to be applied & there’s going to be repentance, there’s going to be turning over & opening up and showing for things that you’ve never seen and never known, but yet continue to go as if all was well. But tonight we’re going to receive the word of the Lord. And we’re going to go deep into him & we’ll allow Him to change us, as never before. Because He loves us. He loves us so very much & His grace is sufficient for us. Yes. And we take that Grace for granted and we say, oh, thank you for the grace of Jesus. Thank you for the blood of Jesus. Thank you for the faith in Christ that we have through his blood, but we do not take it seriously. And you say, how can I say that? Well, I can say that because, you look outside, you look at the world…you look at what’s going on in this nation & you can say, oops, that’s right!. How can I…if you look outside & you see all this going on in the nation, you look at the news to see all the corruption. You look at the news and see all the evil. Look at the news and say all the, ‘oh my God’, such demonic activity going everywhere and the church just plays patty-cake with the devil & says “I love you, Jesus”. It’s time that we take hold of God as never before. You see, He’s given us…such goodness…such kindness, such wonderful grace & He’s faithful to the end.

But there’s coming a day & He’s going to talk about that tonight. There is coming a day to where we’re going to give an account. Yes. And I’m talking about coming up, you know, quickly this year, we’re going to be giving some account. So we need to open our hearts, take God in. Yes. All with his goodness. You see, He’s just like a doctor. They just don’t cut you open and start cutting things out of you. No, no, they give you anesthetic, they make you all nice and feeling nice and good and wonderful. You see? And so we’re gonna go through that, anesthesia stage now and we’re gonna allow God to do, what he wants to do in each of our hearts Hallelujah…glory to his name.


“So many of My people, so many of My people cry for My rain to fall, they cry to be filled as vessels for My glory but they do not even realize what’s happening because, My glory comes…for I give abundantly, but lo, My people never get filled, My people never become those vessels of My glory…& why is that, you ask? Because your wine skins have cracks…your wine skins are ruined. And you think that what has passed is okay, because My blood has cleansed it, but yet your wine, skins still leaks because you haven’t gone back & made things right”.


God wants you to make things right, in your hearts and lives. Do not think, oh, He pours out his glory. He pours out his Spirit. He pours out his abundance, but we just can’t hold it. We can’t hold it because of the things still, in our lives that we haven’t gone back & made, right. This is serious. This is serious. If you ever wonder…people go to revivals & they feel His presence. They go into church services & they feel His presence & it feels so warm & like it’s like the warm of a fire. It’s like standing around a campground. Well, did it ever dawn on people that the reason you see and we can’t jump in to the fire because, our vessels have holes. You see. if our vessels were repaired & whole, we would overflow with the glory & fire of God & be consumed. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but it does in my spirit. It does in my heart because I, I’ve experienced it, I know what it’s like & God’s people need to come to that place to where, we do what we need to do. You see, Christianity today has been defiled and deceived because of false teachings & water down teachings. And God says, revival must come. God says the time would come that He would release. You see, there’s information coming out. You remember in Revelation when John saw & they said “write it not”…don’t write it down…don’t write it down! You see, there’s other places in the Old Testament, were they were not allowed to share what God showed, you see & those things I believe the Lord is showing…these things are now becoming revealed to His people, so the binders can come off & we can walk with Him as never before.

We’re in an exciting time, but we have got to do our part. We can’t just say, ‘oh God do it to me’. Well, He, He’s trying, He’s trying, but we’re in the way. You see? We’re not helping Him. That’s why He gave scriptures like “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”. That means that we must go from deep within and caused His righteousness, His salvation to burst forth, from within our innermost being. We have an effort & we have a place. It’s not just something you know, “Burger King”, you know, give me my order. Hello. Give me a break. Giving God orders?… tisk, tisk, tisk not good…not good. You see, we sing these songs & the songs are wonderful & they are powerful, but if they are not really meant from the innermost being, it’s just mouthing words, like that vision I told you about last week of the clapping hands & the tapping feet, you see all the people gave, we’re giving over a little bit just to worship, you know, their mouths & lips were going & their feet & their hands…but the heart, He said was far from Him. Oh, God…we just come before you Lord…help us Lord, to break through to that innermost place. Lord, that you desire to be that you desire to dwell changes, Father to be the light that shines in the dark place.


“Come to Me, yes My people, it is time for you to be…what I desire you to know, so you can walk close with Me. The hour is getting later & you are not where you should be…I’m calling each of you, to surrender your hearts & lives to Me. For the hour of My coming, is not that far away. Don’t let complacency & compromise, make you think that you can come to Me another day. Give your all, yes, give it all to Me…don’t hold back, I see it, i know it…you keep hiding it, yes from Me. I want that thing, yes that thing…that you won’t even confront…no, no, no…you keep holding it back & say, i cannot do it…you must let go! Don’t you know, when you do, how free you’ll be…in Me!”

The Lord says, you see, as we ended that song, He spoke a question to me. The Lord said:

“Am I your Lord or are you just mouthing words? Am I your Lord? Why do you call me Lord, Lord & do not the things that I say. I asked you out of love…for I love you. I gave My all…I came bled and died for you…that you could live in Me. So I ask you the question, am I truly your Lord? Are you truly living your life, that pleases, Me & doing those things that I have told you to do? Or are you doing your own thing? Are you living your own life & giving Me lip service? I don’t say this in harshness. I don’t say this in, in, in anything other than love. Because I care so much for you and I want you to be with Me. I want you to know Me as you’ve never known Me before.

For as you sing, I’m high & lifted up & My glory fills the temple, you do not realize I’m speaking about your temple here (pointing to our bodies). Your temple here, when you lift Me high, you lift Me up in yourself, in your own life in your obedience, to me…I will feel your temple. I will. And this is an answer to many that have said, why God, why am I not seeing the fullness that You have spoken up? And this is just one step to understanding because there’s much, much more to come. My people need to see, as I see, My people need to know, as I know. For I see it all, for yet My people hide behind the veneers & placation’s that give an appearance, but the true heart is far from Me. And I call this day & this hour. Yes, even this night, wherever you are on Earth. This is your hour. This is your time…to make things right with Me. To truly Surrender, to truly give, to truly turn over your heart and life, your obedience to what I say.

Hear me my children. This is this is not something that take lightly. For I’m not slack concerning My promise as some men count slackness. I am long-suffering not willing, any should perish but that all should come to repentance but know there will be many, that will not come to repentance. And when (we as children of earth), when you see the scripture, you always point at someone else. “They won’t repent”. But I tell you my children. When I spoke it, I started with you…My church. For I told you & I told you & I told you & you need not…better not, let it slip. Judgment begins at the house of God. Yes, My judgment is coming on all the evil that’s out there & it is going to pass through My church first. You need to be aware of this…you need to know. The time is come & much is about to happen. Come to me. Give me your all…release those things that you’re holding back, while you still can, says the Lord”.


When we sang this song, the Lord sang it…He was singing it to us! This is what He sang, He said:

“My people, I love you, when you praise Me & you adore Me. Glorify My name, in all the Earth. Glorify My name, Glorify My name, Glorify My name in all the Earth…that’s what you’re here for…glorify My name, glorify My name, glorify My name in all the Earth”.

Yes. That’s His song to us. That’s His cry, that’s His heart. And as we will begin to…you see over the years, I’ve prayed & I prayed & I said Lord I want to be close, so close to you, I hear your heartbeat. You see? And this is this is hearing His heartbeat, the very expression of His Spirit coming forth, in everything,

We want to get deeper into the things of God, we want to, it’s not we don’t we’re not looking for book knowledge, we’re not looking for wisdom of men. We want true revelation. We want that which is life-giving. We want that which will change us & alter us forever. You know, it’s nice to have a good word where you think that was nice & you go home & you could move on with your life. But when we come before God and He speaks to us a word of power and authority & it’s like a battering ram that just like (crashing noise) the walls of Jericho, there’s walls within our lives that must come down, So, He keeps going around and around those walls…until they will come down.

You know, that’s that’s quite a statement, you know…I’ve been a Christian since 1976, August 16th, I gave my life to Jesus. And throughout that time I’ve heard over & over again over the years, you know, you hear people talking about the going around the mountain again, you see, they’re experiencing the same problem, you see? It’s like a repetition. It just keeps going around, going around. Here they go through the whole cycle and then it starts over again and so many of God’s people are living that way today. So many are stuck in a rut, the stuck in a cycle and they don’t know what to do to get out of it.


Dear Family of God, as powerful as all these words are, they alone cannot adequately express the power, authority & spirit that the Lord released during this service. If you really want to be impacted, please be sure to take in the entire service for yourselves & allow the Lord to release the fullness of these words, as they came that night by clicking this link:

We were not able to finish the message that night, but we will come together next Monday & surely the Lord will enable us to finish this message “Responding To The Bridegroom’s Midnight Cry”. He gave us a LOT that still needs to be unpacked to give to His people. We hope you are able to join us then…if not, be sure to take in the worship service as soon as you can!

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Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

Prophetic Word – “Responding To The Bridegroom’s Midnight Cry”

Dear Family Of God,

Last night’s worship service was by far one of the most powerful we have seen in a long time! For those who were not able, we hope that each of you will be able to go back & take in the entire service. The Lord came wonderfully throughout the whole meeting. We cannot underestimate the importance of God’s people receiving ALL that was said during that time. The revelation & impact He gave in the teaching of His word cannot be overlooked. If at all possible, please be sure to be sure to go to our YouTube Channel & allow the Lord to minister the entire service to each of you, as He so greatly desires.

The Lord has told us to send out the prophetic word that He gave last night. We share it below, but you need to know that without having gone through the entire service, you will not understand & know the full detail & impact of what He says. Please prayerfully & carefully receive His loving important words:


The Lord says: Behold, the bridegroom cometh…go ye out to meet Him! The time has come for you to arise from you’re your slumber…it is time to trim your lamps. This IS your Kairos moment, says the Lord…do not take this lightly! It is time for My people to embrace the fear of the Lord. For as you will truly see the condition of your lives, as I see them, you would be frightened beyond belief! The complacency & compromise is so strong, yet well hidden, many do not even realize it is there. For many of you started with Me & began to leave the things of this world behind…many of you pursued Me with all your hearts, but as time went by, you all began to slumber & sleep…not realizing that this alone was bringing spiritual darkness to the Earth. For as My warriors began to wax wanton…as My intercessors began to wain in their commitment & effectiveness, My church fell into slumber…My church began to lose its shine.

The distractions of this world have caused My people to stop in their true pursuit of Me. Technology has taken the place of fervent prayer…technology has taken the place of that close intimacy I use to have with many of you. My people need to realize that this has happened & be willing to own up to what they have done. For truly I say unto you, where is your effectiveness in this present world? Where is the power that you once held? For I have called you into Heavenly places to execute judgement against the powers of darkness, but so many of you just continue in your slumber, not even realizing that My cry has gone out across the land. THIS IS MY CRY! Behold, the Bridegroom cometh! And the fact that you do not see this, is evidence of just how far so many of My people are from Me. For My cry has gone out & gone out & gone out, but has been overlooked by most. And how can this be, you would say…how has your cry gone out, that we have not heard?

The answer is right there before you…the cry of society, spiraling into the abyss…the cry of the nations, as lawlessness & depravity take over, across the land. For even many of My own people now embrace what they once knew was abomination & perversion. As My church now winks at sin & assaults those who stand up for righteousness. For even those who push against Godly immigration, think they do Me service, thinking that others coming into your nation, illegally, is the right thing to do…not realizing that they have sided with the one who only comes to steal, kill & destroy. For how can one justify committing a crime, to better one’s life? Do you not see that the crime alone, nullifies, the bettering of one’s life, for it was sown by an act of sin. Repentance is the only cure! My people need to shake off all of this foolishness & return unto Me. Look at your nation, My people…look & tell Me what you see! Do you see My glory manifesting everywhere you go? Are you seeing souls being saved, as revival crosses the land? No! Because My people have not responded to My cry…My people have not done what I said & gone out to meet Me.

For you do not realize that in order to go out to meet Me, you must LEAVE where you presently are! You must leave the things of this world…you must leave all that has taken hold of you to keep you from coming to Me. For surely My people have been ensnared by complacency & compromise, but few have recognized this & begun to go the opposite way. It is time for My people to arise from your slumber & sleep…it is time for you to arise & shine. Trim your lamps, My people…remove everything that would keep you from coming unto Me. You must put your lives in order! This is what TRIM really means! It is more than having a right understanding of My word…what does it profit, if you understand what I say, but fail to implement it! Trimming your lamps MUST include rearranging your lives, so that everything is done decently & in order. Time is short! You must do your part now, before it is too late! You must go & buy My oil for yourselves. To do this, you must be willing to go back in your lives…go back & make things right…go back & see the things that I want you to see…& then repent of your deeds…for time is running out & very soon there will be no more time to do so. This is your Kairos moment, My people…do not let this time pass. Do you let the enemy deceive you into thinking you have plenty of time & there is no urgency in what I am saying.

For I am soon coming & once I come, those who are ready with enter into where I am…& the door will be shut! Once that door closes, there will be no more time for you to repent. Once that door closes, there will be no more time for you to do what you refused to do when you had time, for the door will be shut. I do not want this to come on any of My people, that is why My cry is SO important. I love you all with an everlasting love…I really, really do. You must realize that I have done everything that I can possibly do for you…it is now up to you to do your part. It is up to you to decide whether you will be ready when I come or not. If My love means anything to you, you will take My words to heart & you will begin to shake yourselves free from all that does bind you…you will free yourselves from all that the enemy has placed in your way. There is still time, My people…you can still make it to where I want you to be. But, you must forget those things that are behind & reach forward to those things that are ahead, in the high calling of God, in Christ Jesus. Take My words this day & respond righteously before Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”


Dear Family, now having read His words, it is vitally important that you take in all that He gave during last night’s service. You really need to know what His word really mean on the level that He gave it. The word above is truly powerful, but once you take in the entire service last night, you will understand the importance of taking it all in. He has revealed DEEP things in His word, that not even we have known before. We truly believe that we are entering into the time that the “sealed words” are now being revealed. What He is revealing is a true game changer! Please don’t let the enemy keep you from receiving the full impact of what He wants you to know!

The Monday Night Worship Services are live @ 7pm CST, but they are also recorded. You can go back & receive each service at any time:

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God bless each of you!
Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

Prophetic Word – June 21, 2021 “Entering Into The Revelation Of The Mystery”

Dear Family Of God,

The Lord told us to share with you the prophetic word the He gave for His people last night during Monday Night’s Worship Service. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, loving & liberating words:


“The Lord says: It is time, My people…it is time. For My cry has gone out across the land. Yes, the cry that the Bridegroom cometh! Yet FEW have heard My cry…few have truly responded to Me from their hearts. For with all that is being seen around you…all that is being revealed & exposed, still My people hold fast to their own ways…they refuse to let go of the things that I desire them to release unto Me. You are at MidNight, My people…there is no more time for you to slumber & sleep…you MUST wake up…you MUST arise & shine! For truly, truly I say unto you, My people…I do love you with an everlasting love & I have done everything I can to make My glory known thru you. It is now time for you to respond unto Me…it is time that you surrender those things that you know I am looking upon. I can no longer be your “hobby”…I must now become your life!

Yes, it is time for you to trim your lamps, so that My glory can shine thru. It is time that you let go of “life” as you have made it & put away your childish things…it is time for you to be mature in Me. It is time for you to take hold of what I have given for you. You cannot hold onto the things of this world & expect Me to hand you the things of My Kingdom…you cannot serve God & Mammon. You must choose. For I am looking to & fro across the face of the Earth, looking for those who will answer My call…who will respond to My cry & with true humility & contriteness, allow Me to do a real work within them. For time is short & I must do a quick work in My people…there is no time to waste!

 In the days & weeks ahead, I will ask you to let go of things…I will give you My soft promptings. It will be up to you, to respond to these…it is up to you, to do your part! You must trim your lamps now…you must put your lives in proper order. For so many of My people do not realize the many things they allow, which keep them from much of My goodness & life. Many struggle just to survive, by appropriating My “mercy”, living off of the crumbs that fall from their Master’s table, when I have prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies. How long will you live like this…how long until you see the wrong you are committing & return unto Me? For truly many of My people are become as “prodigals”…thinking they are living their lives, doing what they think is for them. They continue to struggle & experience many things that I do not want for them…all because they forget they need to come to themselves, humble their hearts & return unto Me.

For truly I say unto you, My people, it is in that place of humility that you will find your answers…& when you come to that place, you will realize that you have been going the wrong way…you have been going your way. It is time for you to begin going My way, says the Lord…for it is time that I anoint your heads with oil, so that your cup runs over, with My goodness. My goodness if evident to those who walk in humility & contriteness. My goodness overtakes them, for their desire is to please only Me. So, many are missing out on the best parts of their lives, because they fail to go back & do what I want them to do. I have told each of you these things before, but because of false doctrine, many toss My directives aside, thinking their way is better. No longer will those things you have allowed be effectual, as they have in the past…for even as the prodigal son was forced to eat scraps meant for swine, even so will those of My people begin to see in their lives, until they will come to themselves, pick themselves up out of the mire & run back to Me.

For I am there waiting for you & My glory is with Me. I will put the BEST Robe on you, so you will be able to accomplish all that I desire. I will put My ring on your finger, signifying My power & authority in your lives. I will put shoes on your feet, so you will be able to tread on all of your enemies. I will kill for you the fatted calf, yes, My plenty will flow unto you, as you will come unto Me & repentantly give your hearts & lives truly unto Me. For the hour of My soon coming draws near…I need My people to be ready. For the close creation comes to My return, the more I desire My people to SHINE My glory & power to this world. This is the time that many have cried out for, but so few are truly realizing the closeness of the hour. You must realize that the enemy has caused many of My people to lose hope…to lose faith…to only halfheartedly trust Me for My promises. You must realize this is only happening because you have taken your eyes off of Me & My promises & have set them on the things that you see around you. Shake yourselves…shake yourselves, says God…& rise up to this hour, so I may flow thru you.

There is MUCH I desire to do through each of you, but you must do your part…you must be willing to seek Me…you must be willing to let go of those things you know are in the way. You can no longer think I will wink at them…for doing so will only cause you grief & heartache, as things spiral down around you. The time for My people to take their places has begun. You must now enter into the revelation of My Mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory! Allow Me to take My place within you…you will never be the same again…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


The Lord is moving powerfully during the Monday Night Worship services! He actually flows within & throughout the entire service, so God’s people would greatly benefit by experiencing the entire service as a whole – not just in “reading” this word, by itself, as He reveals a lot more…SO much more throughout the whole service. Taking in this word alone does not do justice to what He shares within the entire service!

The Monday Night Worship Services are live @ 7pm CST, but they are also recorded, so anyone can take in each service at any time:

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God bless each of you!
Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

Prophetic Word – It Is Time To Look Up!

Dear RFC Family,

In my time recent with the Lord, He began to speak to me about the time we are in. Please prayerfully receive His timely words of love & hope for this hour:


“My children, I come to you to let you know that all is well. For though you can clearly see that much is happening in the natural, I need you to know that what you see in the natural realm is only a manifestation of what is going on in the spiritual realm. For as many have become fearful & begun to lose hope in their future, I tell you now to come unto Me. For I am the Alpha & the Omega, the Beginning & the End…there is nothing to fret or fear about…all you need to do is keep your hope in Me. For I will never leave you, forsake you or fail you…you must know this in reality.

For as you keep your focus on what is seen in the natural, you have lost hold of what I AM doing in the spiritual. For it appears to many that the enemy is raging & raising up his ugly head, bringing many people into torment, stress & anxiety. Many are even now experiencing great conflicts in their families because of the effect that these things are having on them. This should not be so, for I have not called you unto anger, strife or variance…I have called you all to walk in My peace. Let go of all that the enemy is trying to bring upon you & rise up in Me & allow Me to work within.

For very soon you will see things change…very soon you will see My hand revealed & you will know that it is I, the Lord your God, who has done these things. For I am shaking everything that can be shaken, so that only what cannot be shaken will remain. Do not fear this shaking…but rather submit yourselves therefore, unto Me & allow Me to do what is needed to bring you through to the other side. For I have told you that judgment begins at the house of God. Do you think that the things happening all around you, in judging this world, doesn’t include all that My people do?

For truly, as I have said before…you are seeing all these things around you BECAUSE of what My people have done. It is time that you own up to reality & take responsibility for the things you have done. For the light that I see shining from My people is very dim compared to what it should be. Only as My people will truly look within & take account of their lives & see what they have done, can the darkness be removed, so that My Light can shine as I have ordained it to shine. Yes, My people, you must humble yourselves under My Mighty Hand, that I may exalt you in due time.

For so many will look at what is happening around them in the world condition & easily point their fingers at others, thinking in their hearts, that THEY are the ones causing this to be, but I say unto you to LOOK at your hands & SEE the truth…you are pointing 1 finger at others, 1 up to Me & the other THREE are pointing back at YOU! Only as you will SEE this reality in your own hearts, will you be able to reverse these things from happening. It is time for My people to take their places in Me…stop pointing blame & instead begin to take responsibility for what you have done.

It is time to let go of those things that are behind & press forward in the things ahead & reaching forth unto those things which are before you…the things of MY Kingdom. For this is the day I have long awaited to come…but few have entered into this day, as I have desired. So many are still holding onto the things in their past…which things only tend to hold them in bondage. For truly I say now, these things must be let go of & you must now concentrate on what I have ahead for you. You cannot change the things past…you can only walk forward with Me, in newness of life.

For many are still waiting for Me to bring change in what is dead, when I am wanting to make all things new. Stop looking at things this way. Could it be, you keep going back to these old dead things in your heart & mind, because I am wanting you to let them go & for you to truly release them unto Me? Why do you keep hoping for that which is past? I am not the God of the dead, but of the living, for all live unto Me! Even so, I want you to see this for yourselves. For things are about to change quickly…I need you to be settled & concentrating on the right things.

I say this to stir up your faith, so you will be ready. Stop looking at what is happening in the natural & start to be focused on what IS happening in the spiritual. The reason you do not see Me working around you, is because you are not focused on Me, but the things of this world. For as you will let go of what has taken your attentions in the natural & begin to fasten your heart & minds on Me, I will show you greatly, what I am doing around you. For truly I say unto you, stop looking at the ground at things that are earthly. It is time to look up to Me…you will see what I am doing.

It is time to look up, My people & know the time you are in, for things are escalating very rapidly. Some are lost in their own self made fantasies of life, not caring about what is happening around them…they are oblivious to what is real. Where as others are fixated on all that is going “wrong” & these have given up. Some are confused because they listen to many diverse voices saying so many things & they do not know what to believe for themselves. There are also those who are driven by hatred & are driven in judging & condemning everyone who does not agree with them.

But, there are also some that I have gotten their attention & they are beginning to be led more of Me…looking in the right places & seeing things as they really are. These have a balance in their lives, seeing things for themselves & rightly dividing the word of truth. I want all of My people to do this, so you will all know what is about to come. For there ARE good days ahead…I want you to see them & experience them for yourselves. Start to look more within you & let Me help sort things out…for I will help you to work out your own salvation with fear & trembling, as you do.

It is time to look up! I need you to purposely begin to look to Me, by seeing spiritually, instead of in the natural. For in the natural, things are constantly changing…even as in an untimely storm that indeed seems horrendous…it soon ends & there is a calm & the sun shines again. I want you to begin to look up, spiritually…for if you will do this, you will see there is a time of wonder & awe that is now on the horizon. Good days are coming…they are just ahead. Look to Me & watch what I am about to do. I want you to be part of this, so do your part & come unto Me, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC Family…we are truly in exciting times. There is much that is going to happen over the next several months. By this Fall, we look to see the “fall” of much evil, as the Lord raises up His standard of righteousness across the land. As Summer now approaches, things are really starting to heat up…not just in the natural…but also in the spiritual.

Let us all fasten our sights on the spiritual horizon the Lord spoke of & watch for what the Lord is about to do. Remember, at the end of last year He showed us that this year we are going to enter into a “golden age”. That age is about to come. Let’s trust Him for the details & look full faced unto Him, as He does all that needs to be done.

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

Prophetic Word – I Am Imparting To You New Strategy For This Hour

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

We send you warm greetings, in the matchless, wonderful name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! We are certainly in exciting times…times that on the surface can look very discouraging, if we keep our eyes on what is going on in the natural. But, we choose not to fix our eyes on the natural, but on the spiritual, for the things that are seen are temporary, while the things that are not seen are eternal. The Lord has been speaking to us about the time we are presently in. Please prayerfully receive His loving, powerful & life changing words:


“My children, hear the words of your Heavenly Father this day, for today I share with you the strategy you must immediately implement in your lives. For the time you are now entering in is a time you have never experienced before & so as you receive this & know this for yourselves, you will understand that how you have done things before, will need to be upgraded to impact this time you are entering into. I love you with an everlasting love, so it is imperative that you hear what I say, listen to Me & be willing to do as I speak into your hearts during this time.

What you have witnessed in the past several months is an indication of what I say to you now. It is imperative that My people shake themselves free from what is holding them…for the time of My people to arise & shine has come. You can no longer maintain an attitude of THIS happening “someday”…you must embrace this as reality NOW. For if you will not do this…if you just shrug it off until “later”, you will find yourselves increasingly falling away, while all the time, in your heart, you will think that you still have time & will rise up at a later time. This is foolishness, My people!

For look at what is happening all around you…LOOK at what is happening! You can no longer hide behind the falsehood of thinking that what you are seeing does not relater to each of you! For I tell you, that everyone of you have things I am waiting for you to turn over to Me so I can use you in this hour. And many have come to this realization & have begun to seek Me with all their hearts, willing & obedient to release that which I place My finger on, so they will be free to serve Me, as they “say” they desire to serve…no longer will My people keep hold of them!

It is time, My people…it is time to stand fast in the liberty in which I have made you free, by the Blood of My Precious Son. I told you to NOT be entangled in any yoke of bondage. But, as I look down upon My people I see SO much bondage within them…bondage that has separated them from their true love for Me. The time has come for you to let go of that which is a hindrance & begin to take hold of that which will set you free. For I long for you to come unto Me & see My great works manifest & displayed for all to see. I am waiting for you to do your part, so I can do Mine.

For as you will truly seek Me, you will find Me, but you must do so with all your heart. Not just to surrender what you deem…not by just obeying My words in the way that you have taken them to mean…but to truly let go of what you have made…your own kingdoms, in your own lives. For I need you to truly see that you have been bought with a price & you are not your own. So begin to glorify Me with your bodies & with your spirits, which are Mine. I now am calling for My people to shed that which is of this world, as never before, so that the world will finally truly see Me.

The time has come for My people to stand in spiritual war. All the training & teaching that has transpired over time has been to bring you to this hour…it is time to battle against the powers of darkness. It is time to stand up & execute judgement on all that is around you that is against My Kingdom, My righteousness & My power. And for you to truly do this, you must lovingly take hold of MY KINGDOM & MY WILL for this hour. My people must take the stance of “YOUR kingdom COME!…YOUR will BE DONE!” You must take hold of this deep within & let it transfuse your lives.

For I am calling My people to a time of warfare as never before. I told you that this hour would come & have long waited for this. As My people will HEAR My call for action…as My people will RESPOND with all their hearts, they will see MY Kingdom COME within THEM & then they will execute judgement against all unrighteousness. The time as come, My people for you to know this within yourselves. It can no longer just be a thought or longing…it must now become a reality. Take hold of My Spirit & embrace My will & SEE My kingdom come within each of you this day.

The time of playing “church” is over…it’s time for MY CHURCH to arise. For I am calling My people to respond to Me & those who will heed My cry will be rewarded from on high. Those who will let go of that which I will reveal to them & surrender it fully to Me, will see My hand of power in the time ahead. For the time of becoming “ready” is almost past…I need those who HAVE come along with Me & given Me their lives, to now to begin standing in their places. The time for My Holy Spirit’s power has begun, you must now act…take your places before Me in this world!

Look at the world with all of the fear & torment going on. Then look at My church…very little true faith is being illuminated to help those who desperately cry out for help from their hearts. The cry of creation has begun & the time of the manifestation of the Sons of God has come. As you will seek Me, you will find Me…you must seek Me in your heart of hearts, in those places you really haven’t been willing to look…for those are the places that I have been wanting to fill. And as you will seek Me there & be willing to release all that I desire unto Me, you will truly find ME.

You will find My love & My power on a level you never have before…for you will have surrendered those things that have limited Me in your lives…you will see what I have long for you to give Me. And I will respond unto you, with My fullness & you will begin to shine as lights in this world. For truly the time has come, My people…the time for My glory to be revealed. For what Moses experienced was only a type & shadow of what My people will experience in this coming time. There are those who have already tasted this & know My desire for the ages is about to come.

Hear Me, My people & allow My love to permeate into every area of your lives…for just as water will, I will flow into every part of you, through every crack, every crevice & the water of My Spirit will find entry into your heart of hearts. And once you allow Me to enter therein, you begin to experience My love & My power as never before. The things that you have heard spoken in time past will become your reality. Things others have experienced, you’ll see happen for you. As you come unto Me in this hour, you will be at rest in Me & I will use you for My glory in the time ahead.

The time for true warfare has begun…I need My people to take their places & do what is needed in this hour. I cannot over state the importance of this at this hour. This is what many of you have longed awaited to come. You must ready yourselves by giving Me true entry into your lives at this time & I will do a quick work in those who will sincerely & truly yield their lives to Me in this hour. I will take all that you give Me & return to you far more than you can imagine. Receive My loving words & seek Me as never before…you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC family…all we can say is WOW! The awesomeness of our God is almost indescribable. It is time that we yield our lives to Him, deeper than we ever have! As we are willing to sincerely do this, we will be able to navigate during this extraordinary time in Him. We will stand in His wisdom & see His Dunamis power displayed as we show the world His love AND righteousness.

It is time that we stand in our rightful places & do those things that are pleasing in His sight! May God bless each of us as we take our place before Him, allowing Him full entry within us, deeply into every area of our lives. We will see Him shine through us as we have never imagined…we will truly become as He said…the light of the world! And we will see the darkness flee as we raise up His banner of righteousness & declare His word of truth across the land.

Please do your best to join us Monday tonight @ 7pm CST for our live streamed worship service. Tonight will be very exciting, as the Lord has told us to stand in agreement, from all over the world & begin to take authority over many demons, as we take our place in spiritual war against the powers of darkness. Hope you can all join us!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Prophetic Word – Great Favor & Reversal Will Follow Those Who Seek True Repentance In This Hour

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

In my recent time with the Lord, He began to speak to me about the hour we are entering into. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, illuminating & transforming words of hope & love:


My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for today is a day of deliverance, that My people has never seen. For as you will hear My heart & respond to Me, you will see Me as you have never seen Me before. As you have believed “God is love”, this is true. And so many of My people have held to My love all of these years. However, many have also held to My love for selfish reasons & used it as a means to cover their sins. For as you have been with Me, so many held Me at arms length, refusing to come close as I desire, but keep hold of Me mainly for their own purposes.

Whereas many will call Me “Lord, Lord”, but will not do the things that I say. A breach exists in many of My people who only allow Me so close, so that they can hold to their own lives, to do those things that are pleasing in their sight, but not in Mine. I call you to open your hearts this day & truly receive Me, for I truly love you with an everlasting love & My love never changes, for I change not. And you shall know this as you will open your heart & lives unto Me & allow Me to take you where you really need to go -closer in Me, for this is My heart’s greatest desire.

However, for you to do this & come closer, many of you will need to see those things that do hinder them, so I can wash those things away. For truly there are many who refuse to confront the things they have done in times past & make them right. For truly I have told you to not be deceived, for I am not mocked…for whatever is sown, shall also be reaped. But so many of My people do not believe this, though it is My word. Many will say they believe this, but the truth is manifest by their actions…for if you truly love Me, you will do those things that are pleasing in My sight.

Many have lived years & years, never confronting the things that I see, which they have done, to make them right before Me, but have taken My great love & perverted it to cover their sin. Come let us reason together, for thoough your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow! You must be willing to allow Me to show you what I want you to see…so you will see as I see & know as I know. For you do not realize that so much is off track or damaged both in you & in others around you, because of those things you never made right before Me & lives have been damaged.

Lives have been altered due to your lack of responsibility to do your rightful part in what you have done. You can not just bury things under a rug, to make them disappear, for if you do, they still exist as seeds, that will later show forth their fruit. And this fruit I speak of, is fruit you would never ever want to see, if you knew what was really behind it. So, I come to you, My people to help you to see…that you will be sound spirit, soul & body before Me. For I desire to change so many things in your lives, but cannot because you have not done what I required for you to do before Me.

The time has come for you to hear My voice, as you have never heard it before. For as you will do this, as I now say & allow Me to speak to your heart of hearts, deep within you, you will see Me reveal things to you that you never considered before. You will attain an understanding & wisdom that will carry you forward in what I desire for you to do. For you will begin to see those things that I have long awaited for you to surrender unto Me. Those things that have hindered you from seeing My will unfold, so My glory would manifest within, around & through you, ahead.

For I have said, he that covers his sin shall not prosper. Few will take hold of this & will truly desire to know what I say. For to do so, requires that you will truly open your heart & come clean before Me. I want you to see what you have caused by you covering those sins…I want you to know who you have harmed & afflicted by them. For I said follow peace with all men & holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord. Looking diligently unless any fail of the grace of God, unless any root of bitterness springing up trouble you & by it many be defiled. Do you hear Me?

Those who will hear My voice & choose to repent, will begin to see great favor in their lives, for the chains of bondage will be removed & the attachments which the enemy has ensnared them with will be no more. Remember, who ever sins you remit, they are remitted unto them & who ever sins you retain, they are retained. This speaks of your own sins as well…you cannot leave them as they are…they must be repented of…things must be made right before man & Me. Know you not that those things that you have not repented for, the enemy uses to do his evil?

For what ever My people allow in their lives, the enemy will use to justify promoting evil in this world. This is why I told you that you ARE the light of this world…this is why the world can only walk in the light you give them. The enemy knows this & takes advantage of the sins of My people. Complacency & compromise has blinded My people, so they cannot see…they are unaware that those things they allow & those things that they have not truly repented of, are being used against them, because of the false light the enemy is able to shine upon this world through them.

But, as My people will begin to see this & respond unto Me with repentance, they will begin to see Me begin to reverse those things that they have allowed. Many things in their lives will begin to reverse & they will see My hand move on their behalf, as never before. Hear Me, My people & be willing to look deep within your hearts…allow Me to show you what I want you to see. Do not think that you can just gloss things over like a blanket & think you will not answer for this…for I tell you that you really should be seeing this reality already, as your lives show lack & need.

I want you to know the true freedom of My Spirit…I want you to know My liberty for yourselves personally. Not just “claiming” these things, with unrepentant, wavering hearts…but with hearts that are truly broken before Me & centered upon Me. For I will do a great work in those who will say yes to My voice right now…I will raise them up to do exploits in this last hour…for they will be made worthy by My blood…they will have nothing hidden from Me, to deter My plans for their lives. Heed My words, My people & obey & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear family of God, we are living in serious times! Our hearts cry out to the Lord to help us, as we look forward to doing what only He can do in the days ahead. These are serious things that so many of us have overlooked, not realizing that much of what we have been through…much that we have endured, is because we have held onto to things in our hearts, not realizing that these things are at fault for much of the things we have experienced.

The Lord only gives good things to His children, so we must understand that we have a responsibility to the Lord, to see things as He has said. We must respond to His voice & come clean before Him. This message goes way deeper than we can possibly grasp at this point, but I sense the Lord will illuminate us more, as times goes by. Let us each be willing to look deep into our hearts & allow Him to show us what He want us to do.

Our lives are diverse & different…we each must do this individually. We want Him to be pleased with us & all that is in our lives. We must go back & dig up any old roots that we left alone, so we can move forward in Him & see Him use us as never before in the time ahead. Let each of us be sure to take the time needed to let Him do a deep work in the time ahead…we have great days ahead of us…we want to be ready for Him!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Prophetic Word – It’s Time To Position Yourselves For What Is About To Come

Dear Revival-Fire Church family,

In my recent time with the Lord, He began to speak to me about the time we have entered. Please prayerfully receive His powerful, loving words for us, as we walk forward in this time:


“My children, hear the words of your Heavenly Father this day, for as you do you will be able to walk forward in all that is coming. For as you will truly look on the horizon, you will see clouds forming…for this I say, to encourage you. For as many of you have waited expectantly, for Me to release this last day revival, I have heard your cries & am releasing My angels on assignment, to prepare the way for revival to come. For surely as I bought the early rain & then over 100 years ago, I brought the latter rain, even so I am about to release the early & the later rain together.

Many of you have cried out to Me to release My glory upon the earth…many of you have fasted & prayed, seeking Me to do this. And your prayers have impacted Heaven & those prayers, accompanied by tears, have been stored up in My bottle. Lo, the time has come, My people…the time for Me to do what only I can do. I need you to know this…I need you to stand fast in the liberty that I have made you free. For many of you have felt the onslaught of the enemy attack your faith & you have felt the fierceness of his exploits & these things have caused many to lose hope in Me.

Many have struggled during this time & your cries have increased unto Me, only some of those prayers have been prayers of discouragement & of lost faith. I need you to stand fast at this time & know that everything is going as I see fit. Do not look at man’s time tables or think that any certain date really matters, for this I tell you, is necessary. For what I do, no man knows the day or the hour, but that day & hour WILL come! I need you to focus on Me & not that which is not yet come. Fix your eyes upon My Son- receive His glory…for it is His glory that you now really need.

For this I say to help you…for believe it or not, the glory that has been promised HAS already been released…the glory of the LORD IS RISEN UPON YOU! Unfortunately, most of My people are so fixated on all that is going on around them, that they do not see it…they cannot tell that it is there. For this I say to help you & to snap you out of what the enemy has done. For even as My word declares the things that the enemy will do, I shared those things so you would not be compromised or pulled from your positions of grace within Me. You must pull yourselves together.

I need you to see that all that is going on around you is nothing but “smoke & mirrors”. Why do I say this? Because nothing that is going on in the natural realm is of any consequence to My people. That false administration that has risen up against My chosen servant is not real…it is only a lie & deception. I have allowed this to happen, because of the greater good. For truly as time passes by, more & more people are waking up & seeing things as they really are. Many of them are now seeing things, they once denied & it is the very 1st time they realize they had been deceived.

So many of My people have cried unto Me & asked Me to bring revival…those prayers have bombarded Heaven. And I am responding to those prayers even now. However, what many do not seem to understand is, that the very answer to their prayers is being overlooked because they have their eyes fixed on certain things & not on the greater good. For there is more going on than what any one can know. At most, any of you can only see a very small portion of what I am doing. For what I do is for eternity…not for this small moment of time…not to accomplish a smaller view.

Set your sights higher, says the Lord & know that what I am doing requires you to see on a higher level. You cannot see or understand what I do, unless you will let go of your preconceptions of how things are to be & allow Me to show you. I can only show you as you will come closer to Me. For it is in My secret place that I can give you a better understanding. And as you will take the time to seek Me, I will help you through all that is to come. For surely as the sun will arise tomorrow, even so will I do what I have promised you I will do, so trust Me fully now & come unto Me.

For I am calling many of you into a important time of FASTING…& those who will hear My voice NOW, will receive the greater glory that will be revealed. For truly I tell you that as you have prayed for revival to come, even so, you must now understand & receive the truth concerning what you ask of Me. Many of you have come to the realization that revival can only come by repentance…this is the starting point. But now I want to give you greater understanding & in this you will be helped greatly. F-A-S-T = REVIVAL. If you want revival, you must now come to Me with your fasting.

Look to Me to lead you in this, for this I say, some will need to fast technology & distractions…some will need to fast certain things that they eat. But, all must come at this time & fast before Me. For this is the time that I will release My glory & those who desire to walk in that glory will have to free themselves from things that do hinder them in their walk with Me. I do not say these things to ridicule or rebuke you…I say them because I love you & want you to be part of this last day outpouring. I do not want you just sitting on the sidelines, watching others do exploits in Me.

Arise, shine, for your light HAS come…it is time that you arise into what I am doing in this last day. For this is the season that My people have cried out for, but, many have thought that it would look differently. Many thought that I would just wave My hand & change would be. Things are more complicated than that…I have given mankind freewill, so man must chose what to do. Even those who are called by My name & follow Me must choose in this time. My people will either let go of the things that are holding them back, or hold on to them & miss out on what to come.

For I say, in 2021 will My people take their place in Me…they will take their place in society…they will shine as lights in a dark place. It is time for My people to make a difference. You can not just sit there any longer & wait for something to happen. You must realize that the reason nothing is happening is because you are just sitting there. Arise, shine…for your light HAS come…My glory IS RISEN upon you…you must now TAKE it by faith…you must take your place in Me…you MUST do what you have not been doing…you must come unto Me & let Me shine thru you.

Take your place, My people…do not sit there complacent & compromised any longer. I have told you for a long time that this must change. My people are now on the precipice…you will either go one way or another. The great falling away is already beginning & many have felt changes pull on them, from deep within. Many who have called upon My name, are now retreating & going in a way that is not of Me, even into sin. I love you all with an everlasting love & desire for you to be with Me. Heed My words, My people, do as I say & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear RFC family…I cannot adequately put into words, the emotion & heart that I felt as the Lord spoke these words to me. I can only relay this as best as I can & it keeps going back to what He told us many months ago…it is His people will usher in what is to come. We have entered into the time we have all prayed for, but what we now see, seems opposite of what we envisioned the answer to our prayers to be. We must now see things as He sees them, so we can understand what is happening. It is time that we enter into a extreme time of warfare, beginning with self, then going outward, to pull down the strongholds that exist around us.

Because the reason we see things ‘as they appear to be’, is because we still have areas of complacency & compromise in our lives that has given the enemy power to do the things that he is doing. Unfortunately, many will not understand what this means or what has caused it. That is why it is vitally important that we all go to Him & seek Him by prayer & fasting. We all want revival…revival only comes thru repentance. Sadly, many we will think that it is “someone else who needs to fast, not me, my life is already perfect before Him”.

It is such thinking that has allowed many things to transpire over time & now as we will open our eyes & begin to see as He sees, we will come to the realization of what He has told us for a very long time. We ARE the light of the world…the world can only walk in the light that we give them & thus, we can see why the world is the way it is today, because just like the pharisees, we cannot see the darkness that exists within us. Let us open our hearts unto Him & truly let Him show us if there be any wicked thing in us, so we can walk in His way, everlasting.

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Prophetic Word – Be Encouraged…Do NOT Fear…This is NOT Over!

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As I was seeking the Lord just earlier, He began to speak to me about the events of today. Please prayerfully receive His powerful words of comfort & peace. Please let His joy be re-seated & increase in your hearts!


“My children, hear your Heavenly Father this day…for I bring you glad tidings of great joy! Do not be shaken by the events occurring this day in Washington DC, but instead BE encouraged! For I tell you that what happened today is not final…it is NOT the way things will turn out. Do not fear the lies of the enemy that say “you were fooled into believing something was going to happen”. I tell you this day, that there are ‘other’ things going on right now. I need you to trust Me & know that I see the end from the beginning & I work all things after the counsel of My own will.

Did you see & hear what happened today? Did things go the way that you thought? This I say to let you know, that even though the scenarios that many had hoped would come to pass, did not…this is not the end of My plan. For did I not tell you that what was going to happen, would come by My hand? For surely had things happened as many of you had hoped, man would of received the glory. But those things that you had hoped would happen, didn’t & now the enemy is trying to persuade many that it is all over…there will be no 3rd great outpouring or revival, but only doom.

I need My people to understand that had I allowed those things to happen that many had put their hope in, that it would diminish the greatness of what is about to come. It was necessary that I allow those hopeful plans & scenarios to fall to the ground & die. For except a corn of wheat to the ground & die, it will bring forth no fruit. But, now that it has fallen, I can now rise up & do what only I can do. Be encouraged…for in the days to come I will show My hand & you will know that all is well…even now, as you put your trust in Me alone to bring the victory to this nation again.

It is time for you to arise from the ashes & stand strong in Me, for now your faith & hope must be in Me & Me alone. For I am the Lord…I change not…therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed! You have not been consumed…you have not be ill affected in what has transpired this day…you have only come through a time of refining, so I could show you those plans were not of Me…for you now see them, laying there, as ashes. Again I say, arise from the ashes & allow Me to make you strong in your Lord & in the power of His might. For truly your hour of victory has come!

For what happened today is not the end…it is only the end of your carnal hopes of how things would unveil. I am the same yesterday, today & forever, therefore the only place you can find victory is in seeking My will. So trust the LORD with all your heart & stop leaning on your own understanding…but instead, in all your ways acknowledge Me & I will direct your paths. This is not that deep, My people…allow Me to take you forward in what is ahead. Know that I hold the very Universe in the palm of My hand…so is there really anything that is too hard for Me to do, says the Lord?

Lo, I come to you in your hour of need to help you, for many have now become disillusioned because you have allowed misinformation to draw you away from your total faith in Me. Surely, you understand that there is really isn’t anyone you can trust more than Me. But, now armed with this understanding, you can begin to navigate correctly, by walking only with Me. I told you that a horse is a vain thing for safety, neither shall he deliver by his great strength. Your lives MUST be fixed in Me & all your hope MUST be in Me alone…for there is where your victory will always be.

This is not the end of this…there is much still to come & I will unfold a lot over the next days, weeks & months. So stay strong in My & in the power of My might, for this is not over…it is just the beginning. Rest in Me & know that this is the year of the Church, My Ekklesia…it is the time that you will arise & shine. Do you not see it? For I have shown you so many times in My word…I told My people what I was going to do. But, things didn’t ever turn out the way that My people had hoped, so they lost heart & doubted My words, as the way THEY thought things would happen had failed.

For only THEN, I was able to fulfill to them My will…by My way! And this way My people knew that only I had fulfilled My words. This is the same here now with the events of this day. It is not over…it is just the beginning! I need you to let go of all that you had thought would happen & now just look to Me. I love you all with an everlasting love & you have great days ahead & I want you to be on the right side of them! Shake yourselves now & only look to Me. Allow Me to illuminate your hearts & lives, for truly the greatest days the church has ever seen are just ahead, says the Lord.


Dear RFC Family, we too were a bit shocked by what happened today. We all had hoped that “something” would of happened to change the way things ended up today. But, we deeply thank the Lord that He had told us in advance to not get fixated on those plans, as many of His people saw them as possible outcomes. The way things all fell together, things really did look like they would somehow be fulfilled one of those ways.

But, now we understand this better, as the Lord has illuminated this to us above. For even Jesus’ followers thought things would turn out differently, but then Jesus was crucified & died & all of their hopes of Jesus “someday” redeeming Israel had died (Luke 24:18-53). But their hopes didn’t stay dead…for soon Jesus arose from the grave!

So, in the coming days, we must look unto Jesus, who truly IS the author & finisher of our faith…we must trust only Him for what is going to happen. We believe He will “fix” the things that happened today & in His time, we will see this nation rise up again as “one nation under God”, just as the Lord has promised. Our best days are yet ahead!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Prophetic Word – Prepare Yourselves…The Great Exposure Is About To Be Revealed

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

During my time with the Lord yesterday, He began to speak to me about the time we are now entering into. Please prayerfully receive His powerful & penetrating words of revelation:


“My people, hear your Heavenly Father this day, for I have begun to reveal the hearts, minds & souls throughout the world. Know that I love you with an everlasting love & only wish that you would prosper & be in health, even as your soul prospers. I come to you today to let you know what is about to come forth upon mankind…for in a very small amount of days, much is going to be revealed. For I have said there is nothing secret that shall not be made manifest, neither is anything hid, that shall not be known & shine publicly. Very soon, I will show you all just what I mean.

For in the days ahead, I will reveal My hand to the nations, as I demonstrate what TRUTH will accomplish…for I have set a trap for those who would not listen to My loving cries for repentance. Soon the truth will shine abroad for all to see & very many will be devastated by the outcome of this truth. For I will have My way in the land of the USA & My righteousness will be reestablished again in the land. For even as these traitors say they desire to bring unity & peace, My heart of mercy has cried out to them to repent & be saved, but they just continue doing things worthy of death.

Think it not strange at the events that are about to come, for though this time may be frightening & cause anxiety in many, nonetheless, it will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness in those who are exercised by it. For I will bring great repentance across the land as the demonstration of My holiness exposes all of the crimes & evil these traitors have done. For I tell you now, that many of these will not even try to repent, but will continue in their own deception & bring upon themselves swift destruction…but some will respond to Me & repent & I will save them from this death.

Hear Me, My people & know that what I say now is for you as well…for I have promised that judgment begins at the house of God. Do not think that because I am exposing the great evils being committed by those in govt that I have winked at what you do. This is a time that each one of you must seek Me to know what you must do, to deliver yourselves from the coming exposure. Truly My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. As you will come to Me, within your weakness & repent to Me within your heart, I will perfect you in Me.

For I am causing My bride to make herself ready, so that I can return for her & SO many of My people are far from being ready! So many have listened to man’s doctrines & teachings that tickle the ears & do not provoke a changed heart…all they do is make My people feel good about themselves, the way they are & nothing really ever changes. Same old, same old…continues as usual & the darkness around My people continues to grow, when My people are suppose to be overcoming the darkness by their light. I need My people to shake themselves from this & follow Me!

Come to Me, My people…I need you to truly give your hearts to Me! I need you to be focused on Me during the next 3 weeks, for in these 3 weeks much of what I am now saying will manifest. There will be great sights that will present themselves & great horror will even grip many, who have not fastened themselves securely in Me. But, as you will seek My face in these weeks to come, I will prepare you to go through this time, as vessels of My honor & you will be equipped to stand & do exploits, when the enemy tries to overcome you with fear, doubt & unbelief, trust in Me!

For I tell you that there is about to be a “birthing” of sorts within My people…many will breakthrough unto Me, as they never have before. My people will truly begin to arise & shine, for their light will truly come, as the glory of their Lord will truly be risen upon them. For very soon, I will release My anointing & presence of the 3rd great outpouring across the land & the harvest will begin to come in. This will be a time of anointing & power that the early church only saw a small token of, but as My people will rise up in Me in THIS time, they will dispel darkness as never seen before.

2020 was the year that caused My people to begin to look within their hearts & see clearer than they ever had seen before & now in 2021 My people will walk forward in that clear vision & execute My judgment against the powers of darkness. For as I tear down the evils that are perched in govts, along with all of the corruption & fraud, even so My people will walk in the power of My Spirit & they will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ ever again! My people will now take their places in the marketplace…they will now take their places in local, state & federal govt, as well.

The time for Me to setup My kingdom has come & My people will now make preparation for My soon coming. For as they take their rightful places, I will use them as they have never been used before. Revival will be commonplace, everywhere you go. My power & presence will go where ever My people will take Me, for they will stand as My ambassadors on the Earth. This is the time…the time that so many have longed to see. As you will stand strong through these coming weeks & pray as I ask you…as you will fast as I will declare, you will see My results in you come.

Stand with Me, My people…do not sloth off & think, some one else will do it…YOU must take YOUR places! Do not be like the servant who hid his Lord’s money & buried it in the ground. If Christ BE in you, you will stand in this time & allow Me to use you. You will take your place in My Heavenly army & be strong in your Lord & in the power of His might! The time for My people to hear My voice has come…follow Me! Be ready, willing & obedient in this time & watch what I will do. You will see My demonstration come forth across the land, as I raise up My people on Jan. 6th.

For the call has gone out & many are heeding My cry! My people will stand as multitudes across this nation & their prayers will surely avail much! People are responding to My call, that have never responded before…the tide is rising & I will show Myself thru My people in the weeks ahead. This time is expedient for My people to take their places, as never before…for it is literally the tipping point on My calendar of destiny. My people must take their place & truly seek to please Me, obeying Me from within their hearts. As you do this, you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


Dear RFC family…whoa! What a sobering & challenging word! We are entering into a time we have never seen before. There can be no more “same old, same old”…we must rise up in this hour. We are about to see MUCH revealed very soon. What is going to come out will be shocking & will also most likely cause much turmoil. We pray that what is about to come will happen without rioting & such, but it is very possible we will truly see Psm. 2:1 manifest as we see “the heathen rage & the people imagine a vain thing”.

All we can do is stay close to the Lord…be willing, open & obedient! We will get through this time…what is important is that we do our part…whatever it is the Lord asks of us. He may ask you to fast & pray…please be sensitive to His heart at this time. Anything He asks is for our good & for the outcome of what is coming to be the best case scenario. We will get to the other side of this & we believe we will enter into the “golden age” the Lord showed Me.

What do I mean when I say “golden age”? Well, several months ago, I was praying about the soon coming revival & the Lord showed me something. This was before He gave me that vision 2 weeks ago. Anyway, what I saw was something I couldn’t put into words. It was as if I was looking forward in time & all I saw was a “golden glow”. The feeling that came with it, was a glorious peace & blessing. When I tried to put it into words, all I could say was a golden age.

Lord, we desire to enter into this wondrous time you have revealed. Please help us to do our part as we stand with you & do as You please. Help up to ready our hearts for what is ahead…help us to surrender anything & everything that You desire from us at this time, in Jesus mighty name we pray…amen!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie More
Revival-Fire Church

Prophetic Word – Give Thanks Unto The Lord, For He is Good!

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

In my recent time with the Lord, He shared with me about this time we are living in. As we celebrate “Thanksgiving”, let us remember all that He has done for us & all that He is about to do! Please prayerfully receive His powerful & liberating words of thanksgiving:


“My people, hear the words of your Heavenly Father this day, for today is a day of victory! I want you to know in your hearts, that the battle is already won, for the battle is not yours, but is your Lord’s! I love you all with an everlasting love…I need you to understand the time that you are in, so you can maneuver forward in Me. I need you to know that nothing that is going on around you has escaped My knowledge…I see it all…I know it all & I have prepared a table before you, in the presence of My enemies, so BE of good cheer, for I am about to show My victory, for all to see!

Rejoice, My people, for this is a day of thanksgiving! BE thankful for all that I have done…BE thankful for all that I have brought you through…BE thankful for all of what is about to be revealed. For as the enemy has tried to bewitch My people to lose faith & enter into fear due to the recent chain of events, that to many indeed outwardly look devastating, I want My people to know that all is well…for very soon your will see the salvation of your Lord manifest & this manifestation will astound the multitudes around the globe, for I will show My victory unto all of the Earth.

BE thankful My people, for you are about to enter into a time that you have never known before. For even as this year has been a time of reset…even as this year has been a time to seek Me as never before, know that it has also the time I release My glory unto My people, that you may stand STRONG in the place that I have prepared for you. Do you not see that all has transpired this year has been to prepare things for what is to come? For truly, except a grain of wheat fall into the ground & die, it abides alone, but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit! Behold, My fruit is soon coming!

And so, as I have worked through these various processes over the past many months, many have fallen into fear & anxiety…many have fallen into even deeper complacency & compromise because of the state of things around them. Many have started to lose hope & their faith has been challenged far greater then they have experienced ever before. I need you to know that this time has been necessary, for as these things have transpired, I have worked through them, for I have challenged My people to come out of those places that do not bring glory to Me, so they may shine!

Now is the time for My people to arise & shine, as never before! For in the coming days & weeks, My people will see My hand revealed through the events that will transpire. Those who have an ear to hear, will hear…those who have eyes to see, will see. For MANY will find themselves catapulted into GREATER faith than they have ever known. The hour of My victory is about to open up to My people & those who are watching & waiting will know the timing of this & they will rejoice with joy unspeakable & full of glory, as My truth is made known & My victory is visualized for all.

Rejoice My people, for in this hour that is about to come, you can enter into a time of great increase of My Spirit! Those who have patiently waited upon Me for many things will begin to see GREAT manifestation of My promises unto them. For, the fervent prayers of the righteous, are about to avail them much, so do not give in to the fear of the enemy…fear not, stand still & see the salvation of your God! For the clouds of darkness that have affected many, will soon dissipate, as My LIGHT shines through. The clouds of confusion & chaos will flee & clarity will come through!

Rejoice My people…for this is a REAL time of thanksgiving…so be thankful for all things, knowing that I am at work in everything. For I am not slack concerning My promise, a some count slackness, but am longsuffering, not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance. It is needful for these things to come forth, for in so doing, I am able to open the eyes, ears & hearts of the multitudes who have been led astray for a very long time. The time of revival is come! As My people are repenting, even so shall great revival rise up in the Earth, so give thanks unto Me!

In the days & weeks to come, I need you to set yourselves like a flint & not be moved by anything that may present itself to interfere with the faith I am releasing in you. BE not moved by any circumstance…BE not moved by any news…only know that I am at work, for your good…I am at work for the good of this nation. I am at work to bring glory to My name. Now is the time for you to truly trust in your Lord with all your heart & lean not to your own understanding. I need you to acknowledge Me & My words in all your ways & I will direct your paths, says the Lord”.


Dear Saints, this is exciting! We are on the threshold of the greatest time we have ever seen! We have the awesome blessing of being in the front seat of all that is about to come, as our God shows the world the truth of many things. All the Goliaths are going down & the “Hamans” will soon be on their own gallows! We have SO much to be THANKFUL for! Remember, all that we have gone through these past many months have not been in vain…for the Lord promises us that “all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose”! We must trust Him through this time, for we will soon see His glory & victory manifest in all the Earth!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church