Prophetic Word – Pursue Me

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Please forgive us, we forgot to let everyone know when we would start our annual 21 Day Daniel Fast. We started on the 16th & now are almost finished the 1st week. If any of you would like to join us, please do…may the Lord richly bless you! Over the past several days during my time with the Lord, He began to speak to me about the year ahead of us. He spoke to me of some concerns within the hearts of His people, as many were needing uplifting. Please receive His loving words into your hearts this day.


“My children…come unto Me & receive My words of love for you…know that I love you with an everlasting love. As I look down I see much going on within the hearts of My people. Many have begun this new year & at first things seemed exciting to you, but then before you knew it…things began to change. Little by little, that excitement seemed to melt away…little by little, the hope that you had at the beginning of the year seem to disappear. Many are now walking about, functioning for the most part, but deep within, you feel there is an emptiness that just doesn’t seem to go away. Know that I love you with an everlasting love & come to help you, so you will know what you need to do…for I have come that you might have life, more abundantly.

I see the changes that have come…I know what is going on in your heart. I need you to see as I see, so you can reverse this & get back to where you are suppose to be. For many now feel defeated in some areas of life…many cannot even explain what they are feeling…all they know is, they are hurting deep within & are crying out for Me to help them. I want to encourage you right now, as I come to you…do not look at your current circumstances, for doing so will only reinforce what you already feel. It is time for you to do as David did…you must encourage yourself in Me. If you will be honest with yourselves, your situations are not a bad as his…he had lost everything & the people wanted to stone him.

David could of wallowed away in despair, letting the “defeat” that he had experienced finish him off, but instead he chose to encourage himself in Me. So many of My people are beginning to feel paralyzed right now…not knowing what they should do. Hear Me now…Come unto Me, My people & let Me lift you up from where you are! Let My love wash over you & wash away all that would keep you from being who I have called you to be. Come unto Me so I can encourage you…BE as David was & inquire of Me as to what you need to do. Come to me with your situations & let Me direct your steps. For I told David to “pursue, for you shalt surely overtake them & without fail recover all”. Hear now what I have said.

The enemy wants to keep you were you are…he doesn’t want you to succeed…he doesn’t want you to be who I have called you to be. So, he speaks to your hearts, playing on your emotions…trying to instill within you failure & defeat. He whispers to you, that you are a failure & will never succeed, so why bother to try…he tells you have tried before & failed, so just give up. Do not listen to him…remember…he is a liar. This is what is SO unbelievable about his tactics…he plays upon emotions, because so many can be blinded by them, so they do not see through the reality…he is a liar & the father of it. He wants to keep you fixated on what you feel, so you will not have the abundant life I have promised.

Enter into My rest, My people…do not let what I have slip away from you. For there is much that I have for you in this new year to come. Hear My words unto David…I said to PURSUE. That didn’t mean to try once & give up…that meant to be in a state of pursuing…continually not letting anything keep you from your purpose. This is why so many will fail…they will try, then they will give up…they do not pursue! Pursuing is a state of VICTORY…for a victor cannot be stopped! Hear Me, My people & be who I have called you to be…for you are MORE than conquerors through Me! Come to Me & let Me help you shake off complacency, discouragement…run hard after Me. You will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


In His great grace & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church


Prophetic Word – A Christmas Blessing

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Over the past 2 weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me about His people during this coming time of Christmas. As I listened to Him, I was shocked & humbled by the words He spoke, as they pierced & penetrated my heart. Please prayerfully embrace His words as we enter into this year end time of celebration:


“Hear Me, My people as I share my heart with you…for I love you with an everlasting love & it is My desire for you all to walk close to Me. For as many in this world enter into a time of festivity & celebration during Christmas time, I have looked down upon My people & have seen the condition of many hearts. For as the world goes into this season with a heart of covetousness & greed, after foods & gifts, I desire My people to walk more circumspectly in the days ahead. For as many buy gifts for one another, I come to you all & ask that you would give a special gift unto Me. This is something that each of you can do, but you must truly look deep within your hearts, with genuine humility if you will really hear Me.

When I came to Earth as in the FIRST Christmas, My word said “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us & we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth”. I came & dwelt among the people, showing the glory of My Father…I was FULL of grace & truth. Even so, I have told you, My people that if you will be one with Me, you will do as I have done…you will give your lives as I have, for I was a ransom for many. And now I tell you, so that you will not have reason or excuse. I have waited for such a time as this…it is time for you to give Me your all & be as I am. You must allow My Word to become flesh within you, so the world will see My glory through you.

For there are MANY who claim to be Mine, but their lives do not reflect who I am…for My word does not dwell within them, but only as it is convenient to them, for their blessing & for what they need. I come to you, My people with a heart of love for you…there are many in whom I am well pleased…but I do not want those who have fallen back to go into perdition, so I am addressing these things today, that your hearts might turn again to walk with Me. For there are many who do not know Me as they claim & their lives reflect the truth that is really in their hearts. For in this time today, many will show Me & others the real truth that is in them…for their deeds do show forth who’s they really are.

O, My people…I desire to gather you together as a hen does gather her chicks…but I cannot because so many of you have not truly come unto Me. Many claim to know Me…many claim that I have appeared within their hearts…but many of these, have deceived themselves, because if I have appeared to you, you would be like Me, for you would see Me as I am. How can you tell others that you know Me, when your actions show that you do not! How can you walk like you do & think that nothing is wrong within you? For you have not fooled anyone, but yourselves! Hear Me now & come back to Me…for there is little time for you to play the games that you do…for your very life could be taken at any minute!

The enemy of your soul has beguiled you & deceived the hearts of those of who I now speak…how can you play with fire like this & think that there is nothing wrong…if your house were to catch on fire, would you sit there & “play in the fire”? I would think not, but this is exactly what many are actually doing. I told you to guard your hearts with all diligence, for out of it, come the issues of life…but somehow these many have not listened to Me & instead have opened themselves up to what the enemy wants instead…these are become those who have a form of godliness, but deny the power of it. O, that you would hear the love in the words that have been cried out of My heart…let them not be in vain!

Many of you have shaken off My liberty & have been entangled again in a yoke of bondage…make this the best Christmas season yet & shake yourselves free from the corruption that has gripped you. I counsel you now to do what ever it takes to do this, for time is short…there is no time for you to live on like this! There are things in the works yet ahead that are troubling…if you will not watch with Me & be ready, you will be overtaken like a thief, even more so than you already are. It doesn’t matter what has happened to put you in the situations that you now walk in…all that matters is that you turn again & repent, so your life will again be hidden in Me…I want you by My side, so I can show you who I am.

And now to those of you who these words do not greatly speak to, though you be shaken by them, hear My heart…for I call you right now to begin to pray & intercede for those who have fallen aside as My words have said thus far…you all know & have seen the lives of these…friends & family…people at work…any that you know that are struggling with things that are not of Me…please take those people within your heart & cry out to Me for them & know that I am well pleased with you, as you have carefully sought hard to come close to Me…for it is people like you who will make a big difference in the time ahead & you surely do have your reward…for you will see it here on Earth now as well as in Heaven.

For this I say that in the year 2018, you will see many things change…many things will change for the good…many things will change for the bad. I do not want you to focus on either…you just keep your eyes & heart fixed upon Me. In the time ahead there will be great shaking…there will also be great blessing…as you continue to look to Me, your lives will reflect My glory to this lost & dying world. You will not be moved by what you see, whether it be good or bad…for your heart will be in tune with Mine & like a river I will satisfy you with waves of My unending love. Please hear what I have said & respond to My heart in truth…do what is right before Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear saints of God…we must know that His words are not to be taken lightly…we must take heed to them & apply them to our hearts…we must willingly respond to Him. As we prepare for this Christmas season…as everyone will be sharing their gifts with friends & family, I can hear through His voice, the desire that we give Him something of great worth as our “present”. May each of us give the Lord our obedient response with our lives this Christmas…a true heart “present” unto Him!

May each of you have a very Merry Christmas!

In His grace & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Prophetic Word – A Season Of Thanksgiving

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As many of us celebrated the US holiday of “Thanksgiving”, the Lord began to speak to me about the season we are now entering. To many this time (Thanksgiving day) is merely a time of good food, family & entertainment, as people lounge around eating rich foods & possibly watch ball games, etc…but to us of the household of faith, this time is a reminder of what has done & is doing in our hearts & lives. Please let His words penetrate & impact your lives, as He desires to move us into this new season:


“Hear Me, My people & know My heart…for the hour that you live is a special time…a time of unknown grace…a time of unmerited favor, as you will listen to Me & seek My face. For I have brought you all to Me for such a time as this, that I may reveal to you this secret that you all will need in the time ahead. For I love you with an everlasting love & it is My will for you to prosper & be in health, even as your soul prospers. This is part of the key that is ahead for you as you take My words this day & run with them. Today is the day for you to come closer to Me than you ever have thought possible…rejoice in Me this day, as you walk forward & truly know that My plans for you are to give you a future & a hope.

For many of you are stuck, basically standing still…looking back at your past failures & disappointments. Many cannot look ahead because they are convinced that the same thing will happen again…but some will attempt to walk forward, but continue to look behind them as they go. Can you imagine what will happen to those who will walk forward in this way? For it is impossible to see ahead, while looking at what is behind! I told you to forget those things that are behind & to reach forth unto those things that are before you…you cannot look behind & see anything ahead! It is time for you to let go of the offenses, failures, disappointment & regrets of the past & begin to again have faith in Me & My word.

I know many of you truly desire to do this, but do not know what to do to break free from these old past patterns. But be of good cheer, for it is My desire for you to walk in newness of life! Many of you have just celebrated a time of “Thanksgiving” & on some level have touched the very area that will help you. In order to break free, you must begin to be thankful for such things as you have. You cannot stay focused on what is behind, while you are thankful for such things as you have today. Stop majoring on what you do NOT have & instead choose to be thankful for what you DO have. I want you all to really be free & as you will sincerely begin to do this, it will start the process of making you truly free in Me.

For does not My word say you are to enter My gates with thanksgiving in your hearts & into My courts with praise? You are to be thankful unto Me & bless My name. Many times in My word you will read you are to offer up the sacrifice of thanksgiving, but many have missed this key, by being fixated on their failures, disappointments & regrets of the past. I want you to walk in the freedom that was purchased for you by the sacrifice of My Son. Let go of those things that hold you back & reach forward for what I have prepared for you. It is imperative that you do this, for as you do, you will set the stage for what is ahead in your lives. So begin to look at what you have to be thankful for & concentrate on them.

For as you will do this, you will release My power to bring change to the way things have been & move you forward in your walk with Me. For as you sow thankfulness to Me you will release yourselves from those things that have held you back. I know that you may not feel like being thankful & I do understand this…that is why I said to offer up sacrifices of thanksgiving…for making a true sacrifice is never an easy thing to do! But, as you will be obedient to do this, you will in due season reap good things…for you will see your heart change & soon your thanksgiving will no longer be a sacrifice, but it will bring forth an intense blessing within your heart as you begin to see things from My true perspective.

For true thankfulness is a key that will unlock many doors in your lives…the lack of this has keep many of My people from experiencing My best for their lives. It has never been My desire for My people to live this way, but they have chosen this way to go…they alone have made the decision to do so. But the reason for much of this is because so many of My people have listened to other voices. These voices can be from others, but mostly come from the many “arguments” within their own minds, convincing them that ” nothing will ever change, so why bother to try anymore”. My people…all these voices must be resisted at all costs…for I have told you that you are MORE than conquerors in Christ!

I instructed My servant Paul, the apostle to write: “Now thanks be unto God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ & makes manifest the savor of His knowledge by us in every place”. Do you not see it? It starts with NOW THANKS! I need you to see this, My people…thankfulness is a NOW thing…it is not just mere words…it must begin in the heart. For when the heart is truly thankful, there is nothing that the enemy can do to affect or change you. Now look at this: “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful”. When you are truly thankful, you life will be ruled by My peace…this will change the way you see all things happening in your life.

This is because your focus is not on anything but what comes from Me…this is the power of a thankful heart. So let go of the things of the past that hold you back & begin to be thankful for what things that you have. Every one of you can do this…instead of fixating on what you do not have…begin to be thankful for what you do have. This will change everything around you & in you…for your focus will not be one of failure or regret…but one that sees My blessings everywhere in their lives. This will change you inside & out & you will never be the same again! Hear Me, My people…I truly desire for you to be free in Me! Please take to heart what I have said & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.”


Dear family of God, the words the Lord has spoken are SO important for our lives in the time ahead…with so much going on around us & things changing everywhere…we must keep our hearts in a place that we will not be moved. If we continue to look behind us, we will be held by the things of the past & we will not be able to stand fast in the victory in which Christ has made us free, but will continue to be held captive by a yoke of bondage.

But, as we will begin to see things as the Lord has revealed them to us, we can effect change…by exercising true thanksgiving in our hearts. As we do will this, we will never be the same…for as the Lord has said…the enemy will no longer be able to affect us! True thanksgiving will enable the Lord to work within our lives & to bring the changes that He wants us to see…it all starts with a genuine & sincerely grateful heart!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Behold…The Bridegroom Is Coming…Go Out & Meet Him (Part 2)

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

The Lord has released me to share the next part of His words concerning the 10 virgins & what we are to do to prepare for His coming. Please let His words penetrate your heart…allow Him to lead you into His secret place, where you will find all the answers to your need:


“My children…I come to you to bring you hope…I come to you to bring you life…I do this because I love you with an everlasting love. There SO many words going forth in this day, which are said to come from Me…but many of them give My people the impression that what I say will just drop down out of the sky. Words of blessing…words of victory…words of the miraculous, all with no responsibility on your part…all with no action on your end. This is just not true…for everything that I have promised requires you to act…it all requires a response from you. Sometimes the response is in repentance…sometimes the response is in standing in faith…but it is always required that you be obedient to Me.

Be careful of the words that you allow into your spirit…for there are many who will only speak smooth words…words that tickle the ears & stroke the flesh. If the word does not challenge you, you should beware…for there are many false prophets that are gone out into the world. I told you that he that prophesies speaks unto men to edification, exhortation & comfort. This is what prophesy is suppose to do. I desire for you to be edified…I desire for you to be exhorted…I desire for you to be comforted…My words are suppose to build you up…My words are suppose to urge you forward & encourage you…My words are suppose to comfort your hearts. My words are to do these things…do you hear this?

Behold, the bridegroom is coming…go out & meet Him! Behold is a command…yet, so many of My people are not looking for Me…I AM coming. I show that My coming is near in SO many ways around you…how is it that your lives do not reflect the reality of My nearness? You  MUST go out & meet Him! This means, go OUT of the way things are…where you are right now & begin to seek Me like never before. What is important in your life…is not the reason you live, to worship Me? You sing your songs to Me & speak such things…so how is it that your lives do not reflect what you sing? You must not truly realize what is happening all around you & the importance of where you are in this last hour.

Again I remind you…remember the 10 virgins…5 were wise & 5 foolish. Only FIVE had OIL in their vessels! You need to fill your vessels up now, before it is too late. You do not want to be like the 5 foolish virgins…for when the door was SHUT, then they tried to come to me & I told them, I knew them NOT! So wake up…fill your vessels with oil & stay with Me! While you have time, you must do this…you must come unto Me…you must enter into My REST…you must cease from your own labors for self & labor to enter into My rest. I cannot over emphasize the importance of your doing this…for the time of My coming is getting shorter everyday…you do not know the day or the hour that the Son of man will come.

I know that as you read this, MANY of you are crying out unto Me from your hearts…many with tears, saying…”Lord HOW can I enter into Your rest…how do I fill my vessel with Your oil? Oh, My dear ones…My heart rejoices to hear this from your heart! For, the answer to this is for you to come unto Me & spend time at My feet…just basking in My presence…just like a battery that is connected to a charger…even so, I will fill your vessels with My oil, to your delight! For this is the Secret Place that I have long desired for you to be. The problem is, so many will not take the time to do this to be truly effectual in their lives. You can’t just come for a few minutes of your time & expect Me to give you a full charge!

I need you to truly begin to dedicate your time to do this…for if you will, you will begin to see WHY the enemy has worked SO hard to keep you away! For he knows that the longer he can keep you away from My presence, the longer he can work against you in life. Once you will truly begin to seek Me, with all your heart…once you will truly begin to desire to be with Me, with all your life…then you will realize the importance of this time & nothing will be able to keep you away from Me. What so many of My people do not know is, that what they consider “feeling My presence” isn’t really accurate. It is My presence that is being felt…its just that what is being felt is not where I want My people to truly be.

For most, this feeling they have is only from being near…the very “edge” of My presence. This basically is the equivalent to being in the “inner court”…I want My people to dwell in the Holy of Holies! I understand that what many feel is a wonderful feeling & I do not deny that. But what I truly desire for My people is to come into the DEEP presence of God. Many have gone past the outer court…past the brazen altar & into the inner place & this is where most will spend their time with Me. This is not bad…its just not My BEST for you…it will keep you from most of what I have called you to be. I need you to press in, OUT past where you are…into the Holy of Holies…for this is where your lives will change for good.

So many have never made it to this place I speak of…some think they have, but actually they have only partially broken through & for whatever reason, didn’t press in all the way…what they experienced was only momentary. It may have seemed glorious to them…but it didn’t make any lasting change in their lives…for just like Moses, who had My glory on his face…he eventually lost it & he put a veil on his face to hide this. I need My people to PRESS in to where My glory is…this is where ALL the oil you will need is. This is where your lives will be changed & you will NEVER be the same again! For as you will truly enter into this place…the place of My true presence, you will be changed to BE just like Me.

My desire is to use My people in these last days to bring GREAT revival to the land. Many boast about My presence in their church services, which in reality is only a mere fraction of what I have for those who will truly begin to seek Me & enter deep into My secret place. You cannot fathom the reality of who you are called to be! For I have plans to use you to save multitudes in this lost & dying world. So many of you have such low expectations of what I will do thru you…for the enemy has limited you, from within your minds to keep you where you are, so you will not come into My presence…My TRUE presence…deep within My heart. Do not let him keep you where you are any longer…come unto Me!

For as long as he can deceive you to think “all is well”, with you “feeling” a few goose bumps & the warmth & peace of My love for you…he will keep you from KNOWING Me as I truly desire you to. I do not want you to be like the 5 foolish virgins…for I told them “I never KNEW you”. These never made it into My true presence…these never could get their vessels filled, because this will only truly happen going past the inner court, into the Holy of Holies, where My deep presence abides. Oh, My people…come into My presence…break through all the barriers that would keep you away from Me…press in to where you belong & you will never be the same again…but you must hurry…time is growing short!

For as time goes on, the enemy will devise even MORE plans to keep you from coming to that place…he doesn’t want you to go there, for he knows that once you do, he will lose control of your life & instead of you being his pawn, you will become a formidable weapon against him. Why am I saying this? Because it is time that My people stop being mere “sheep” & instead become like Me…the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Sheep are not aggressive…they are passive…just like so many of My people are today. I need My people to truly become the ARMY of Warriors that I have ordained them to be…so they will do exploits everywhere they go…I need them to fully SHINE with the true light of My glory!

Can you imagine what it would be like for you to shine with My glory? Everywhere you would go, you would carry My presence with you…on the street…in the marketplace…everywhere! And My glory would surround you, so that everyone within the sphere of My presence will be affected…demons would scream as they came out…bodies would be healed…multitudes would be saved & no one would need to lay hands on anyone…for I said that GREATER works would you do, than I did while on Earth, because I went to the Father! I desire to encourage & excite you…hear Me My people & come unto Me…press in to My deep presence…let Me CHANGE you & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


Dear saints…His words to us are mighty & we indeed have awesome days ahead of us as we will respond to the Lord with all of our heart. Once we can breakthrough, past the mere goose bumps & warm feelings of His love & peace, we will find ourselves right where we need to be…in His true presence. Sure, we can stay where we are now…we can bask in the warmth of His love & peace, lifting our hands, with tears of joy…but doing so we may miss out on what He has for us ahead…I would rather KNOW the Lord & be KNOWN of Him. The thing is…few have truly entered into His presence as He has told us today. Why do I say this? Because the word “presence” in the Hebrew also means “face”. In Ex. 33:20 God said NO ONE can see His face & live…He only showed Moses His backside!

So, how can we TRULY see His face then? Because of Jesus’ death & resurrection, we now have the ability to do so, because if we are truly in Christ, we are supposed to already be “dead”. When we will put aside the things that try to keep us from where He is & break through past where we have never been before, we will find ourselves in that place He desires us to be. The process of truly entering His presence will “kill us”…for we will TRULY die to self, in ways & measures that we have never seen or understood. Going deep into His True presence is where we will see the “real” refining that we hear so much about, but never see it come to pass. This is because mostly no one will press & push in, denying everything else, to get there.

It is a real commitment…I have heard stories of how people have tried to go there & the “heat” was too much for many of them & they crawled out of the room, away from His presence! But, I know had they persevered they would of broken through unto the realm of His true glory & they would never turn back again! Imagine being like Peter, who’s mere “shadow” passing by healed the sick…or like Paul, who people took handkerchiefs or aprons unto the sick & the diseases departed from them & the evil spirits went out of them. THIS is an example of the glory that God is talking about…for us all & I do not think I have heard of anyone walking in such glory in this day! Otherwise, such things would be reported all over the news. Can you imagine God’s people walking around with His glory like that?

We are about to enter into the time that so MANY have been waiting for…so many have been crying out to God for, but never have seen. It is our time, dear family…behold, our Bridegroom is coming…it is time for us to go out & meet Him!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Behold…The Bridegroom Is Coming…Go Out & Meet Him (Part 1)

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Over the past week, the Lord has again been speaking to me about the Church. We are living in a time where spiritual wickedness is greatly increasing…many people are reporting that they feel disconnected from God & that the Lord has moved away from His people. He is actually closer than ever. The point is, many are feeling this way, because of the impotent church that exists today. The fact that spiritual wickedness is increasing, is evidence that the church is not walking in the power that God intends it to walk in. The Lord has been addressing this issue to me this week & given me His words of exhortation to help His people to prepare for His return. His desire is for us to walk in the power & authority that He walked in while on Earth. Please receive His powerful words & allow Him to help you to walk forward in this time:


“Hear Me, My people, as I come to you with words to help you. For I see what is happening among My people…I see that turmoil & unrest that many of you are going through. I come to encourage you, as you walk towards Me in the days ahead. For the cry is going out in all the world…”behold the Bridegroom is coming…go out to meet Him”. When you hear these words, know that they come from Me, as I desire for you to know what is happening in the Earth. Many have heard this cry…many have responded to Me…many are still asleep. For I speak to you concerning the 10 virgins…5 were wise, but 5 were foolish. Know that wisdom builds the house, but knowledge alone only puffs up with pride.

I desire for My people to walk in wisdom, but many are being carried to & fro with every wind of doctrine. Many boast of their spiritual authority, but there is no real spiritual foundation in them, so they bounce back & forth in things that profit them nothing. Not that these things are wrong, for most are not…however, it is the reality that they are not cleaved to, that makes them of no effect. How can one profit from My words, when they do not cleave to them? For I have said for you to enter into MY REST…so why do so many of My people bounce back & forth, in so many doctrines…when I have already FINISHED the work? For I labored 6 days to create EVERYTHING that you will ever need in this life.

Then I RESTED on the 7th day & I hallowed it. My word says that all 10 virgins slumbered & slept…all had given in to the outside wave of complacency & compromise. But, when the cry went out, they ALL arose & trimmed their lamps. It is time for My people to wake up & make their lamps shine with the brightness that can only come of Me. Trimming a lamp means more than to just adjust it to make more light…it also means to “trim” off the burnt part, so no smoke will be made. The problem with many today is, they have not trimmed their lamps…they still cannot see clearly, because their lamps are giving off too much smoke! So trim your lamps so you will be able to see clearly in the days ahead!

Many of My people need to adjust what they believe, so that their foundations will be firm. Never forget the parable of the house built on sand & the rock. In both scenarios the house was build on the SAME substance…sand is the same as rock, except it has not solidity, as it is fluid & unstable. So are the lives of many of My people today…for they are tossed to & fro, with every wind of doctrine. I want you to enter into My rest. In the 6 days that I labored, I made provision for everything you will ever need…EVERYTHING! There is no need for you to wrestle with anything…just come unto Me & let Me give you rest. Somehow many of My people seem to still forget that when I died, I said…it is finished!

My people need to to look at their lives today…what are you wrestling with…healing?…provision?…situations out of your control? Whatever the need, remember that I shall supply ALL your need, according to MY riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. It is not your place to struggle…it is your place to enter into My rest. THAT is where the real fight is…for the enemy is hard at work to keep My people away from My rest. Look at the things that My people wrestle with…these are meant to keep you busy, fighting, so that you will not be able to let go & let Me work in your lives. For as long as you continue to labor to “fix” things, I will be limited in what I can do to bring change that will cause My provision to come.

Are you fighting for healing? You know that I am your Healer, for it is by My stripes, you WERE healed. So, why the fight? I already did the work…so enter into My REST…cease from your own labors. Are you fighting for finances or some other provision? You know that I am Jehovah Jireh, your Provider…I SHALL supply ALL your needs. So, why the fight? I have already made provision for everything you will every need…so enter into My REST…cease from your own labors. As you will do this, you will free Me to work on your behalf…you will see Me lead you & guide you to do what I need you to do, so that the changes can come. Fight the good fight of faith…faith SEES the need, as being done & provided.

So many of My people spend SO much time “fighting” for things that I have already made provision for in their lives. “So, why am I not receiving it then?”, many will ask Me. You just answered your own question…you are not receiving, because you are not truly believing. When you truly believe Me for something, you will be at rest, knowing that it will come…for it will come at the time appointed by Me. So many ask Me for things & expect Me to just drop it down to them immediately. I am not Burger King…I am the King of Kings! I work all things after the counsel of My own will. My people need to understand what it means to enter into My rest, for your futures depend on your entering & remaining there.

How can I use you for My glory, when you continue to wrestle with things that you have no power over, in yourselves? I cannot fill you with My presence, if your attentions are on other things. I need you to forget those things that are behind & instead reach forth unto those things which are before you…press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Many are not even aware of the increase of spiritual wickedness that has taken hold around them, because they are so engrossed in the affairs of this life. I need My people to look unto Me, the author & finisher of their faith…for as they will, I will be able to work in them & thru them, so they will do great exploits on this earth.

I need you to know that it is only as you will rest in Me, will the answers come. Yes, you may have a part in the answers, but your part will only be as I lead you forth, day by day. So many are so consumed by the affairs of this life that they are not much usable for My work in the Kingdom. Again, I will remind you…many of you still have a Martha spirit, controlling you & keeping you from entering into My rest, as Mary did. So many of your answers will come, if only you will resist wrestling & struggling in your own strength…just sit at Me feet & draw from My presence. It IS My desire for you to carry My presence where ever you go…but how can you ever do this, if you are always wrestling with the cares of this life?

I am closer to My people today, than ever before…this is a mystery that few understand…for as My return draws closer, even so, am I closer to you. But many do not know this, because of all that is going on in their lives & around them. Their concentration & care is more fixed on these things, then on Me. Did I not say, draw close unto Me & I will draw close unto you? By My grace, through My blood I have made you close…yes, I have come close to you…but I am awaiting you to do your part to come closer…past what My blood alone has done. This requires effort on your part…that is why I said to labor to enter into My rest. Only as you will truly do this can you know what I have prepared for you, yet ahead.

Do not let the affairs of this life keep you from where I desire you to be. I see your hearts…I know all that you are going through. I keep the universe in order…can I not also work great things in your lives? The creation answers to My words, because there is no will…My people have a will…they must choose to obey My words. This is where the truth of your life lies…for there is nothing that can separate you from Me, except yourselves. That is why it is necessary for you to labor to enter into My rest…you must resist your struggles with this life. Remember, the kingdom of God is not meat or drink…it is not something tangible…it IS righteousness, joy & peace in the Holy Spirit…this is where you belong.

For when you enter into My rest, you are righteous, receiving what I accomplished on the Cross & your life will reflect My righteousness in all you do. When you enter into My rest, you have true joy & nothing can take your joy away. When you enter into My rest, you are at peace, for there is no struggle within you…the things of earth, will grow strangely dim, in the light of My glory & grace in your lives. This is what I desire for you…this is where I desire you to dwell. For you will need to be there, in the time ahead…time IS running out…it is time for you to lay aside every weight & sin that easily besets you & come unto Me. Respond to My words with your lives & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


May the Lord’s words encourage you & catapult you out of where you are now & take you more deeply into Him in the days ahead. Remember the Lord’s last message…never forget that the increase of spiritual wickedness has come because the church is not truly shining the light of the Lord. It is time that we as a body of true believers rise up, as we hear the cry in this night hour…Behold…The Bridegroom Is Coming…Go Out & Meet Him.

This word is NOT saying He is coming right now…He is telling us that He IS coming & we must ready ourselves for when He comes. As the time grows closer to His appearing, we can expect to know His closeness…if we will do our part to come closer to Him. Do we want to meet Him, as we are today…or do we want to meet Him, as He desires us to be? Only we can make that choice…we must respond to His words with our lives.

As we will let go of the things that keep us from drawing close to Him & seek HIM, we will enter into His rest & begin to see His glory & power REST on us. How can He place His glory & power on us, when we are not at rest? It is not going to just drop out of the sky upon us…we must do our part…we must respond to Him! The Lord says He will soon open this up more to us, as He is starting to speak part 2 of this word.

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

You Are The Light Of The World

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

This month the Lord has been speaking to me about the church. Earlier this week, as I was praying during His 3-6am window, He began to ignite what He had already told me…I went to my office & wrote down His words. The truth in His words are powerful & sobering for His people. Please let His words sink in & impact your hearts, as He has impacted me:


“Hear Me, My people, as I come to you this day…for I come in the love of a Father to speak to you words of guidance & wisdom. I come to you this day to speak unto you words to redirect you…I come to you this day with words that will edify you & build you up, in Me. I need you to know that you are living in a time unlike any other in history…for you are entering into the time of the end. When I say “end”, most will think I am referring to the chaos, destruction & tribulation that My word has declared will come. This IS true, but is NOT what I want you to hear this day…for when I say you are entering into the time of the end, I speak of the time that My people will change & become manifestations of Me.

For this is the time that My people are to truly rise up & be who I have called them to be, as the whole creation increasingly groans & travails for the manifestation of the sons of God. This is the time you are now entering into…this is a time for My people to come before Me with their all & take Me deep within their hearts, so I can manifest Myself through them, to a lost & dying world. Many will say…”when will this happen, Lord?” I will tell you this…as you will open your hearts unto Me & allow Me to truly speak into your lives, you will “know that you know that you know”, where you are in Me…who I have called you to be & what you are suppose to do…for this is the time for My people to arise & shine.

For have I not said that “you are the light of the world”? Look at the world as it is today…look at what the world is doing…look at how good is now evil & evil is good. The world is becoming increasingly wicked & perverse…the world is spiraling into perdition & My church is not doing much of anything to turn things around. I have called you to BE the light of the world…but when I say this, I am saying that you are suppose to shine MY light unto the world around you…everywhere you go. If this were truly the case, My people would be seeing things change, for good…evil would be seen as evil & good would be seen as good. But, instead, the enemy has bewitched many of My people to listen to him.

For My church is not really shining MY light…instead My people are shining the light OF the WORLD. This may shock you, but it is the truth. I want you to know the truth for the truth will make you free! Look closely at the “church” today…the church looks just like the world, in SO many ways. Just as much divorce happens within My people, as in the world. Many in My church will marry when I have not “joined together” & others who I HAVE joined together, will divorce because they allow the enemy to destroy what I have willed for them. These will justify their actions, saying that I “ok’d” it…but have really just turned a blind eye from Me, because it is easier for them, then to fight to save My will.

In My church there is just as much pornography & perversion as in the world…what many do in secret, thinking that no one sees, even ignoring that I am ever present with them. How can I say this? Because had they been aware of My presence, they would not do the things that they do. Just as with those who justify their lives & drink alcohol beyond “moderation”, getting drunk & thinking it is something normal that I approve. Many of these will even also use narcotics…justified of course…they are in denial of the truth of what has happened to their lives. These things that I speak are happening even in leadership…pastors, prophets & others do them & think that I wink at their actions…this grieves My Spirit!

What hurts Me most of all, is that these leaders somehow have come under delusion to think & believe that the things they do are “ok” because of what positions they hold. They know not that spiritual pride has blinded their hearts & minds! These are they who are suppose to usher My people unto Me…but instead they do what they will to do. My people have become stagnant, while these leaders will say within themselves that they are obeying the Lord. How can these things be!!! Oh, My people, hear Me this day & allow Me to take you deep within My heart! For the time has come for judgment to come to the house of God…I cannot judge the world, without first judging all within My church!

Many in the church heap up many debts, when I said “owe no man anything, but to love one another”. Know you not that the borrower is servant to the lender? But, many will walk on blindly & be penny wise, but pound foolish…instead of paying off their debts, they will heap to themselves, even MORE debt! And these will justify their actions, making excuse, instead of repenting of their pride & surrendering unto Me. I have called My people to be good stewards in this life…to be examples unto the world…well, many are proving to be examples alright, for they look just like the world! But, these will claim to be “in My will”, walking about, not knowing that they are deceived & just have a religious spirit.

Then there are those who walk in spiritual pride in other ways…judging & condemning anyone who doesn’t fit the mold that they have taken unto themselves. No true grace is in their hearts, though they claim to be so…these point the finger at others, but refuse to look within their own hearts. Do you not know that to do this, is evidence of your guilt? For when you should be examining your own hearts, you balance your guilt, with blame…pointing at anyone else, so you do not have to look at YOU! So called “prophets” who judge others, justifying themselves, for what they do…all because “they are God’s servants” & they need not use the same magnifying glass on themselves, as they do with others!

Their hypocrisy has reached unto Heaven…they will answer for for the things that they do! How can they think that they can escape, when the very things they accuse others, is done WORSE in them, pointing ONE finger, but not seeing that 3 fingers are pointing back at their lives. How can these things be! Do you not know that I, the LORD, your God am a God of grace? I AM love…I am reconciliation…I am the restorer of the breach. But, many in the church do not see Me as this, but instead hold to the ideology of the Old Testament…these refuse to move into who I AM…a God of love! It is time for all of My people to hear My voice & repent unto Me…so you can truly shine MY light, to this dark, evil world!

I do not say these things to hurt you…I say them to wash you & cleanse you, for I love you with an everlasting love. Open your hearts unto Me & let Me make you whole. Do not fall into the same places as the leaders who can no longer see rightly. For they see things as they have chosen them to be. I want you to choose to be like Me! For right now there is taking place a dividing line in the Spirit…a line has been drawn for these last days. Each one will have to decide which side of the line they will stay on…the side close to Me, which shines humility & obedience…or the side of self will & rebellion…the side that does what it wants to do. The choice is there for each of you…I desire for you to truly side with Me.

For those who will turn away from their self will & will run hard after Me, I will use in these last hours…for by their humility & contriteness, I will establish My Kingdom within them & they will walk on earth, shining as lights in a dark place. Where there will go, darkness will flee…where they will go, My power will be shown…where they will go, they will usher in change in the way things are & many will come unto Me because of them, for pleasing only Me will be the desire of their hearts. You are entering into the time where I will greatly manifest Myself on the earth…something that this world has never seen…for over time, this world has only seen a foretaste of what is yet to come. So, are you willing?

In the days ahead I will cause many of you to come to a place of “breaking” that you have never experienced before…you will see GREAT freedom & healing deep within, as I walk you through this time. For I have waited for such a time as this that I may manifest Myself through those who will truly say yes unto Me. I am not looking for “yes men”…I am looking for those who’s “yes” will be shown by the response of their hearts, not just by their words…for talk is cheap. So many of My people promise Me this & promise Me that…these are only deceiving themselves, thinking that they will change ‘another day’. Today is the day of salvation…the time for change is now, so run unto Me, My people!

Do not fear the process that I will take you through to accomplish what needs to be done…only trust Me to do what is needed, knowing that I will work all things together for your good! You may not understand the “whys & hows” of what I do, but you will see the fruit that results from your obedience. You will be drawn closer to Me than you ever thought possible, as you are a partaker of My sufferings. For the fruit that will result will captivate your heart, for that “fruit” will actually just be more of Me in your lives. Be willing to look away from the light that the world has been shining unto the church…instead look unto Me, embrace My TRUE will for your lives & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.


The Lord is looking for those who are truly His. Not who are His “in word only”, but who are His also in deed & truth. As the Lord moves upon us, His people in the days ahead, may we all yield our hearts & lives unto Him, as well pleasing…desiring Him to shine His light through us. We MUST BE the light of the world…the light that this world needs to walk in…the light that we have received of God. God wants to use His people in the time ahead…a time of revival that this world has never seen. It’s time to stop shining the world’s light of compromise & rebellion!

Can you imagine how it was in the early church, where God’s people went everywhere preaching His word & sign, wonders & miracles happened everywhere they went! Now envision this on a much larger scale, as His people will be filled with His Spirit, walking in His Presence…carrying His Presence, where ever they go! This is what we are called to BE! Let’s seek Him as never before & allow Him to do what is needed in our lives to accomplish His will…as He said…we will not be disappointed!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Prophetic Word – Its Time For The Prodigals To Come Home

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

In my time of prayer, our Heavenly Father began to speak to me about His people in the time we are living in. In the past 2 messages, the Lord has briefly spoken regarding what Jesus referred to as “the prodigal son”. In this message He elaborates on this message in an intimate & deep way to help us in our walk with Him. Please prayerfully receive His words:


“My children, I come to you this day, in the heart of a loving Father…what I share with you comes out of My unfailing love for you. It is time for My people to return unto Me. Many have heard the story of the “prodigal son” & see it as a nice story about a man who went his own way & entered into a time of suffering & soul searching, which resulted in him going back home, where he belonged. To most, this story is about “someone else”…”its not me”, they will say. But, as My people will truly open their hearts unto Me, they will see & hear what I am saying. Their eyes will truly begin to see & their ears will truly begin to hear what My Spirit is saying unto the many of those who call themselves Mine.

For as you will stop seeing the “prodigal” as someone else & begin to see the “prodigal” as you, you will understand a great mystery…for in your own lives, that is what I see…I see the prodigal in all of you. Yes, there are areas of your lives that are in order & pleasing unto Me, but there are still things that you “decide” to do of your own will & just like the prodigal son, you go off & do your own thing. The prodigal went to his father & demanded his inheritance before the proper time. Even so, many of My people will want Me to give them things that they were not ready to receive. But, as with the father in the story, even so, at times I will give you things that you ask for, knowing that you will do with it, as you will.

For just as with the prodigal, many of My people have gone off in their own direction, because they were seduced by the things that were hidden deep within their hearts. Few ever think that this was wrong…they were just doing what they felt was good for them. They didn’t consider that their Father needed them to stay with Him, so they went out of the way & walked out the path ahead of them. And just as with the prodigal in the story, many of My people have learned the hard way, once they have walked out what was in their heart & have exhausted what I had given them out of My grace, they have returned unto Me, so I could take them back into My loving arms where they belonged.

Just as with the father in the story, I never stop looking for them to come back unto Me, for I AM the Father of that story & My people are the sons that are written there. For there are those who have determinded to stay with Me, working by My side & all that I have is theirs…& there are those who have gone their own way & only after much hardship & loss, they come to themselves & realize where they are suppose to be & they return & I welcome them, with My loving heart & receive them unto Myself & there they shall forever stay with Me. I put a ring on their finger, declaring My royalty, the best robe on their back declaring My righteousness within them & shoes on their feet, to empower their walk.

For these that have gone their own way, had to learn through hardship, the truth worth of My royalty I have purposed for them to be…these had to experience a time of nakedness, so I could show them their need for My righteousness within them…these had to become bare footed, so I could teach them the importance of their lives being shielded from the things of this earth & they could know the true Gospel of Peace. For these had to walk out that time & see for themselves, that My servants have plenty…have food to spare, for they have submitted their lives unto Me…seeing their need for humility & coming back to Me, pleading for Me to make them as My hired servants, for they were unworthy.

Yes, My people…it is time for the prodigals to come home…for time is running out. You do not want to miss out on the breakthroughs that I have planned ahead…you do not want to miss out on the victories that you have long awaited for you to see come true. You do not want to miss out on the many blessings that I have prepared for you here. For the longer that you tarry away in things of your own will, the less you will be able to come back home to…don’t waste all of your inheritance waiting until you are down in the dumps, feeding swine & in despair, desiring to eat what you are feeding them! It is time for you to come back to Me with all your heart…I am waiting with My arms outstretched!

Come back to Me…let Me fall on your neck & kiss you with the lips of My love…I want you to be in your place of destiny. For, as you will be willing to see yourselves, as you truly have been, I can quickly help you to return unto your place. My grace is plenteous & I will shower you with a love you will feel unworthy to receive. But as I wash you with the kisses of My heart, you will stand again the place that I have ordained you to be. Hear My loving words to each of you & respond to Me out of a heart that is truly contrite & humble. For I want to throw you a party & bless you…you will not want to miss it…for its what you have been waiting for! Return unto Me & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord.


The Lord is SO gracious to us…”all we as sheep have gone astray…everyone to his own way”. May His words penetrate every part of our hearts & lives, so we will respond to Him, as He sees us. We have SO much that is good yet to see!

In His great love & service,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church