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Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

Last night, as I was praying & seeking the Lord regarding a prophetic word request that I received, the Lord took me aside & began to speak to me a message that He said we all need to hear. He said that it is very much needed in this day & will be even more needed in the days to come. It is a message about “faith”. No, not one of those “word of faith” camp, where people “name it & claim it”, thinking God will give them a new car or home, etc…but a REAL word about FAITH…something that is MUCH needed today. What I am about to share, may not be coming in the form of a “thus saith” word from the Lord…but it IS definitely very PROPHETIC & will speak INTO each of your lives, as you will receive it!

Many today, are dealing with impossible situations, where in the natural, things look hopeless. Things are changing & many are being hit by the enemy with things & they just do not know what to do. Our gracious Heavenly Father wants us all to remember & to know that He will “never leave us or forsake us”. Most of His people will say that they know this is the word of God, but the real “proof is in the pudding”…in our lives. In other words…how we deal with pressures…with our current situations shows us where our “real” faith is. It is our trials & circumstance really that show us how strong “we” really are. God has taught me that what we do “in the trial” is where our faith really is. Someone once said…I think it was Bill Gothard… “Trials are opportunities for others to see our true character”. The Lord told me that we will either “react” allowing our flesh to rule…or we “respond” by submitting ourselves to God’s Spirit.

What I am about to share WILL encourage you & it WILL stir up your faith to trust the Lord…no matter what you may be going through. Yes, God has promised that He will never “leave or forsake” us…but did you know that His faithfulness goes much deeper than THAT? The Lord showed me a “3 fold confirmation” of a much deeper truth that we can ADD to His never leaving or forsaking us. Sure, knowing that God is ALWAYS with us is comforting…but many still feel “alone” during their trial…many feel helpless & even though we know what the word says, the enemy will attempt to convince people that God HAS forsaken them, even though He has already promised that He never would. So, the Lord wants to encourage us today…He wants us to “know that we know, that we know” that He will never leave or forsake us…but, He wants to add to this already powerful truth, something that He said THREE times in His word. He promised us that He will never forsake nor FAIL us:

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
Deuteronomy 31:8 And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.
Joshua 1:5 There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

This in itself is SO powerful & comforting…for God has promised us that He will never FAIL us!!! WOW!!! And, if we will look back on our lives, we will see that no matter what has happened to us…no matter what ordeal or situation that we have had to endure…He never failed us…He ALWAYS has brought us through to the other side of what we were going through & what a comfort to know this. Yes, I understand that there are times that we have suffered the consequences of our actions, for the things we have done & we have brought difficulties into our own lives, by what we have done…but even then, the Lord has been there…never leaving us…never forsaking us…& never failing us. He has always taken us from where we have been & made all things work together for good, because we love Him & are the called according to His purpose.

He says that we need to “know” this for ourselves…He IS with us..He will NEVER leave, forsake of FAIL us. He will always carry us forward through what ever is to come. But, we must learn to be like David, for David endured such horrendous trials & circumstances…but in them all, he never gave up hope…he never doubted that God wouldn’t take care of him. For David had something that kept him in line & trusting the Lord to take care of him, no matter what was to happen…because David had victory over the lion & the bear. So, David could face Goliath knowing that God was faithful to give him the victory over Goliath. I am sure that facing a lion & a bear as a young boy, must of been a frightening & terrifying situation! Surely, none of us would want to do that!!! But David knew that just as God gave him the victory over the lion & bear…he would have victory with Goliath also. Even so, as with each of us, in our own lives…there are unique things that God HAS brought each of us through & each of THOSE things are God showing us that He keeps His promise to us too! So, if He “did it before”…we must believe that He will do it again. With each of these things He has done, we can have faith & trust Him, no matter what may come our way!

He wants us to never lose track of this reality…for this is OUR true reality, as His children & we must know it for ourselves in our own lives. Sure, we know that He gave “so & so” the victory…& He delivered “him or her” down the street from their situation, but what REALLY matters is what He has done for US…for this is what builds OUR faith! We all know the Faith scripture in Heb. 11:1: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. Wow…thank you Lord! As I wrote that, the Lord illuminated something to me about faith that will help each of us in a way that we may have never seen before. He prompted me to go back & look again at the Greek words. In the past, most everyone I know (as well as myself) has always looked at those 2 words “substance” as meaning “confidence” & “evidence” as meaning “conviction”. When I looked at those 2 Greek words again He showed me something I have never seen before…the word “substance” actually goes much, much deeper than “confidence”. The thing is, I have studied the Greek since 1977, but somehow I have missed this until now. It was right there from the beginning, but somehow I have overlooked it all of this time. This “substance” actually means “FOUNDATION”. What a revelation:

Substance – 5287 hupostasis {hoop-os’-tas-is}
from a compound of 5259 and 2476; TDNT – 8:572,1237; n f
AV – confidence 2, confident 1, person 1, substance 1; 5
1) a setting or placing under 1a) thing put under, substructure, foundation 2) that which has foundation, is firm 2a) that which has actual existence 2a1) a substance, real being 2b) the substantial quality, nature, of a person or thing 2c) the steadfastness of mind, firmness, courage, resolution 2c1) confidence, firm trust, assurance

Evidence –  1650 elegchos {el’-eng-khos}
from 1651; TDNT – 2:476,221; n m
AV – reproof 1, evidence 1; 2
1) a proof, that by which a thing is proved or tested 2) conviction

Faith being a substance is powerful, but now understanding that it is speaking of being the FOUNDATION…of things we hope for…the conviction\proof of things not seen…this IS phenomenal. I prefer seeing the word “evidence” in the original KJV, as “evidence”, instead of “conviction\proof” because “evidence” is MORE impacting…EVIDENCE…faith is the “evidence” of things not seen. Now lets look at all of this…no one would ever think of building a house without a foundation. Even so…in our life with God, we must have a foundation that is based on His words…His promises to US. Faith IS a substance…it is this substance which our foundation…our very faith walk must be built upon. This substance is of the things we “hoped for”. The things we hope for, are the “outcome”, ie, the end result of what  our current trial\situation will be, based on the conviction or proof…actually from the REAL evidence of things not seen. This “evidence” IS from our past experiences in life…& just as with David, it is all of the victories that He has brought us through, that is the very proof…the very “evidence” of things not yet seen. Those things are “not yet seen”, because God has not yet fulfilled them for us “yet”…but at His appointed time…they WILL be fulfilled…for just as with David & the lion & the bear…our Goliath will be taken down also.

Now, after Goliath, David also experienced many, many hardships & trials later on through life. And we read that it was in times such as those that he “encouraged himself in the Lord”. So, what did he do to encourage himself? His encouragement came, as he reminded himself of God’s faithfulness to give him the victory through out his life. His life experiences were the evidence of God’s faithfulness to never leave him, forsake him or fail him. Many of us are going through very difficult times right now. God wants each of us to not get side-swiped by what is going on in our lives…but for us to stop & take a good look at EACH victory that He has even given us in life…whether it is big or it is little. He says that EACH of these are the very manifestation of His promise to us, that He will never leave, forsake or FAIL us. He wants us to realize that it is these victories that our own “personal” faith MUST be built upon, for they are our “evidence” of His working in our lives. These ARE the FOUNDATION that our lives must be built on. We must NOT be paralyzed by the trauma & ordeal that we may be experiencing right now in the present…& instead, be encouraged by the EVIDENCE that we have, from our past.

Faith IS the foundation…it is the substance that our lives must be built upon…our foundation…this substance, is the experiences of victory that we have had in life…victories from our past. As we walk forward in the things that will be coming…we will need a STRONG faith to endure. We need to take the time now & go back to our previous victories…all of our previous situations, where we have SEEN God pull us through…where we have WITNESSES Him give us victory In our current situations. We must encourage ourselves with these things & hold on to those things, they are the victories of our past. For as we will remind ourselves of these things they will help us to witness our miracle for what is still unseen, in our present dilemmas. For these things of our past are His victory…they are His evidence of bringing us through to the other side…of what we are going through NOW.

I hope this encourages each of you!
Love & blessings,
Pastor Mark

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