Word of Urgency Regarding The Upcoming Election

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

In my times of prayer the past many weeks the Lord has been speaking to me regarding this nation & the urgency of the hour. We who live in the USA are now at a major cross-road…one that this nation has never seen. I have never been one to think much about politics…in the past actually I always hated politics…but the Lord has given me the realization that this coming election in Nov. will set the stage for the future of this nation.

I hear people speak differing things of what they believe “the Lord has shown them” about what is ahead in this election & for the USA. It is interesting that all of these people believe they have heard from God & they are convinced that they are “right”. Some might ask me…what is the Lord telling me? I have spent considerable time asking Him about all of this. I was truly surprised to hear what He said, because it wasn’t what I expected to hear, at all. The Lord gave me this very sobering word to share with you about the time we are now in…please prayerfully receive it with your full heart:


“My sons & daughters…I care deeply for all of you…I love each of you with an everlasting love…please hear Me as I tell you the way things are. The time in which you are living in is unlike any time before…this is not the time to remain complacent or compromised…this is the time to rise up & fight! For there is a fight going on in both the seen & unseen realms. For some would say that Christians are not to become involved in politics, for you are “strangers & pilgrims, citizens of another country”, but I tell you that this thinking is nothing but foolish complacency. You are not living in 1st century Rome where My people had no rights to speak or declare My word…but these still stood up & spoke for Me!

You live in a time & a place where you should be rising up & making your voice known! Your complacency is robbing you of the very rights that the founding fathers of this nation fought for long ago. Can you not see how complacency has changed you, My people? Just decades ago, My people used to stand in public places & influence school boards, city councils & other places of politics, but now there is a rising voice, which comes not of Me, saying to even abstain from voting & making your voice heard. It has been said that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”…so what is the excuse of so many of My people today? Where is your fight for what is right?

There are those who will say that “My judgment is coming & nothing will stop it”…but this is only a half truth of the enemy! For My word says that “mercy triumphs over judgment”. How can I ignore the multitudes that cry out to Me day & night, begging Me for more time for revival to come? For their voices rise to Me at all times…how can I ignore the cry to give this nation mercy…one last time, to be a place that is “one nation under God”. For surely, My judgment WILL come at the appointed time, but who says that time has already come? None of you where there during the board meeting in Heaven before the world was! I have only given you things to look for & to know the end was “near”.

I showed you these things so you would know the time was “at the door”…but no man knows the day or the hour…not even My Son! Do not presumptuously think that I cannot grant grace for more time before the end comes. For the voices of all those who cry out to Me have risen in My ears & I will not ignore them! Look at your hearts, My children & I will show you what is within them…for those who will stay fixated on & saying that My judgment must come NOW, show hatred & bitterness in their hearts… instead these should be crying out for mercy on the multitudes who have not heard My salvation. How can you say My love is abiding in you, when your heart will hold to such hateful things?

Where is your love for the lost…where is your love, My people? For this is what I have told you…for this is what I have showed you: “O man, what is good & what does the LORD require of you, but to do justly & to love mercy & to walk humbly with your God? So, where is your love of mercy? Why do you instead stand in wrath, demanding My judgment to come, when My Spirit came to seek & to save that which is lost? There is a great need for repentance in My people! I have said that “judgment MUST begin at the house of God”, so, this repentance MUST begin in My leadership & to those who say they hear My voice! For the cry of prophets wrongly demand Me to judge, when I came to save!

Hear Me, My people & know that – yes, My judgment is coming…but it will come FIRST to My House…for I will come to the heart of those who say they love Me & I will judge them from within. There will be a quick “house cleaning” & many who refuse to hear My voice will fall away…they will be consumed by their own own hatred & bitterness…& many will die tragic deaths because they refuse to hear My love for mercy. I challenge those who will say that I must now judge this world…for in your doing so, you bring My judgment upon you! I challenge you to have a changed heart…one that I can flow through…for this is the age of grace & My grace must fill your heart while there is still time!

I hear so many voices in the world from My people today…voices that vary & are opposite one the other…for one will cry for mercy, while the other cries for judgment. So many have forgotten that I said “blessed are merciful, for they shall receive mercy”. So many claim they know My word, but how many of these will LIVE it? Do you want mercy in these last days? Then love mercy, for “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God”. Do you not even know that the very creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God? The entire creation is being affected by My people’s lack of mercy, when I desire revival! For the earth has yet to receive the early & latter rain together!

This last move of My Spirit will come, but it is the choice of My people how this will be. For I desire for this to happen with My people rising up & doing exploits, taking this world back from the devil for the glory of God…but if complacency continues, just the opposite will happen…the last outpouring will occur at a time of great persecution & trials. It doesn’t have to be this way…I would rather have it the other way! But, My people will have to make a severe turn around for this to happen. So many have already been lulled to sleep & think that there is nothing that can be done & they just need to let the end come. This is foolish thinking…this thinking will only bring judgment on you quickly!

Have you not seen or heard what is going on in the political world? Are you So removed from things, that you cannot see that your own complacency has crippled you so that you just let all this corruption happen? How could you forget that this nation was founded on Me & My word? Will you just roll over & let the enemy take over & have the end come…or will you stand up & fight for what is right! My people have a voice…but that voice has been eliminated by complacency….but there is still time to shake yourself free & stand up to fight! Right now, there is a choice to make…you will either make the choice for good or evil. Which do you think is best for this nation? Only you can decide for yourself!

For in the political sector, there is only these choices…good or evil. You might not see this, but to most people this is plain to see. This election is of dire importance to My people, as well as the entire world…for this election will set the stage for the future of all mankind. You have already seen evil come in like a flood over the past 8 years & if this election goes they way that evil desires, the next 4 years will destroy everything that My people have stood for & this world will quickly devolve to where it was when I destroyed the world with the flood…but this time I will destroy the world with fire. Hear Me, My people…you must rise up & be a voice against the evil while you still have time.

Wake up, my people…before it is too late! For these people who will say that I told them “this will happen, or that”, are only understanding a portion of what they have seen. Does not My word say that “you know in part & prophesy in part”? So, then, what these have “seen” are not the full picture of what will come. How is it that so many do not understand that when I show such things, I am giving a “warning” of what will come? This does NOT necessarily mean that these things must come to pass…for with each of these warnings, I always tell My servants for My people to “pray”. Why would I tell My people to pray, if the things were going to happen & there was nothing they could do to stop them?

I show these things so My people can pray against them, so they could be averted & avoided! So, why is there so much confusion regarding these things…why all the differing stories? These are all scenarios that can play out, if My people do not rise up & take a stand against evil. It is time for My people to stop playing games & start being the light they are called to be. The world you live in should be overtaken by My word & light, but instead, My people hide in their comfortable little boxes of worship, ignoring what goes on outside. And this is what has made the world the way it now is! My people must go outside into the marketplace & begin to shine My light again, while there is still time to do so!

It is time for you to “go into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature”. Whether you know this or not, this includes the political world. Who told you to leave there & stop being a voice against evil? For this complacency began to take hold on My people when they allowed “murdering unborn babies” to become the law of the land. Now, the sanctity of marriage has been defiled & all manner of evil has begun to be set loose because of complacency! What is it going to take to get you out of your place of comfort? I love you, My children…hear Me & obey! You must rise up out of your “pews”, go outside & begin to change the world with My love, before it is too late, says the Lord”.


This time we are living in is extremely crucial! May the Lord truly have His way in us, His people.
May we move towards Him in true humility, so we will allow Him to speak to & work deep within our hearts!
May He awaken our hearts out of complacency, so we may begin to shine as His true light in this world!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

Arise, Shine!

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

The Lord has been speaking to me more concerning the state of the majority of the churches that exists all throughout the world today. While there are pockets of believers that truly love Him & are truly submitted to His will, a great majority know nothing of what it means to be His. God is speaking to His people to shake themselves free from the darkness that is overtaking the church. Please prayerfully read the following prophetic word from the Lord & allow Him to minister to your heart.


“My people…I come to you this day to bring hope…I to you this day to bring encouragement. I come with the sword of truth…I come in the everlasting love that I have for each of you. Many of you truly know what time it is…many of you are aware, but are not acquiescing with Me in the ways that I want you to. For many of you have been compromised by the spirit that exists in the church & that spirit is not of Me. You have heard Me say that a spirit of compromise & complacency has taken hold of many…but most do not know that they are also taken hold of by the same things. Today I come to give you light, so that you may arise & shine in this last day & be the church that I have called you to be…in Me.

For surely you know that My word says “arise, shine, for your light has come & the glory of the Lord is risen upon you”…but to most, this is only a statement from My word & has no real meaning or impact on My people. It is more a thing of hoping for…it is more a thing that may someday come…but I say, it is a living reality right now…for now is the time for My people to rise up & be who I have called them to be. To some, this word may cause puzzling, because to you, you are living in My will, as you have perceived it to be…but even then, you have been limited by this wave of compromise & complacency. For you know that My light dispels darkness…for darkness cannot overtake My light, but darkness will flee.

You are called to BE the light of the world, for a city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. But, most do not know of this. Have I not said that no man when he has lighted a candle, places it under a bushel? But, this is exactly what My people are doing…My people will mostly hide in their churches, where few may see My light, rather than going into all the world to preach the gospel to every creature. Yes, these will praise & worship Me while inside the 4 walls of the church…they will speak all about Me there…but when they leave, they leave the great majority of their Christian testimony there inside the building. This should not be so…for I am with you where ever you go…you must let your light shine!

Look in My word…is this not the way that I lived? For the great majority of miracles & healings…the great majority of Me impacting people was not done within the 4 walls of the church building…they were done outside in the world. There were done in the fields & mountains…they were done in the streets of the marketplace…they were done where ever I would go. This is how My people are suppose to be…they are suppose to be like ME. For even prophetic words & words of knowledge came more from My lips outside, than they did within the building…for it is My desire to reach a lost & dying world…most of these will never enter the building…they must be reached from outside.

Hear Me, My people as My heart cries out for you…sense the love in which I speak to you. For I come as a Father to give My people wisdom & instruction for this last day. This is not the time to “go to church & play church”…this is the time to rise up & be who you are called to be…you are called to be the light of the world. For if My people do not begin to arise & shine, soon, before long it will be too late & many will have to go into hiding. All you have is NOW…for now is the time. For tomorrow may never be…there is no guarantee of tomorrow…all you have is today. So, today, if you will hear My voice, you must stop from hardening your heart…respond to My heart of love while you still can.

To those who would resist My words, do not stand in pride, thinking that this word does not include you, for it is for all of My people, no matter who you are. Do not think that just because you can minister the things of My Spirit within the walls of a building, that you are exempt from this word…for I do not want you to fall. I need you to see that your ability to minister in church is done solely in a protected environment. What is going to happen when you are thrust out of the building & its safe environment…how will you “minister” then, when you are found standing “outside”? My people need to shake themselves free from the complacency & compromise gripping the church now.

My people need to exercise themselves unto “godliness”…you are to BE like Me. Shake yourselves free from the “comfortable little boxes” that exist…which is called “church” & begin to go outside, into the world & bring change! What did I ordain the church to do? I gave some, apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors & teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, so the saints could do the work of the ministry…for the edifying of the body of Christ. The 4 walls of the church exists entirely for this purpose! So that My people will be trained up in the things of God & then go outside & change the world. Why are not My people going outside & doing what I have called the church to do?

A religious spirit has afflicted My people, to keep them from doing what I desire them to do…for even many of My prophets & apostles have come under this spell & are speaking words of comfort, instructing them to continue as they are & that all is fine. But, all is not fine…for My people are liken unto the frog that is on top of a hot stove, being lulled into sleep, unto their death. My people need to shake themselves free from this spirit & arise while they still can…it is time to arise, shine…for your light has come…for the glory of the Lord is to rise upon you! Hear Me, My people…seek Me, allow Me to wash & cleanse you from this contaminating spirit…seek Me & I will turn things around, says the Lord”.


We are indeed living in exciting, as well as troubling times! As we look at the condition of the world, we must recognize that we, as the light of the world are responsible for the world’s condition. God’s people do not see this & do not even remember that the church “used” to be involved in everything outside of the church. Christian parents were heavily involved in PTA & the School boards…Christians were involved in city councils & local govt. Christians made an impact everywhere they went, because they were “shining the light of God”. BUT, somehow, God’s people have lost their impact…somehow we are not shining our light, as we used to. Somehow, we have become complacent & compromised, but do not even see it!

Jesus said “because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold”. He was not talking about people in the world…He was speaking of His people, for only His people have the AGAPE love being spoken of here. He was speaking of His people being compromised by increasing iniquity, so that these “roots” of sin would destroy the growth of love in their lives. It is evident by the lack of God’s people influencing the outside world, that God’s love has truly grown cold. It is time for God’s people to shake themselves free from this paralyzing spirit & trim their wicks so that their light will shine brightly! Trimming the wick speaks of more than just adjusting ones doctrines…it also speaks of cleaning out anything that would keep our wick from burning bright! Once we have done this, we need to begin to go outside & begin to shine our light in the world.

There is still time for God’s people to shine…yes, cities can be changed! It is a fact that when God’s people get together & begin to “shine” the love & truth of God, they make an impact on the outside…entire regions are radically changed…crime rates diminish…bars close down, etc….this is what history shows! It is all up to God’s people to make a difference! The church can continue forward on its present path & will see severe persecution & trauma ahead. Many will fall away…many more than have already…because Christians are not where God wants them to be or doing what God called them to do. The church is not a “religious social club” of activities or programs…it is suppose to be a venue for activating the saints, to DO the work of the ministry.

The apostles did the work of the ministry…the early church did the work of the ministry. The work of the ministry is to “go into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature”. But, somehow the church has lost its savor…it has become addicted to serving “self”…it no longer hears the cry of the Spirit to save souls. The sad truth is, most Christians have not even led ONE person to a saving knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Most feel that is the pastor’s job…or the missionary’s job. God’s people can never forget that THIS is ALL of our jobs…it is what He has saved us to do! God says that EVERYTHING reproduces after its own kind! Sheep beget sheep…we are saved, so we can actively be used of God to save others!

We have had a sign hung up above our front door at home for over 20 years…it reads, “you are now entering the mission field”. It is a reminder that once we go out doors, we have entered the mission field. The truth is, we are either a missionary, or a mission field…we either need ministry of we will minister to others. Which do we want to be? Many people say that they want to be like HIM…will those same people do as Jesus did? Please pray & ask the Lord to use you for His glory…outside of the 4 walls…outside where He ministered. Jesus ministered to the woman at the well…He ministered to Zaccheus, who was up in the tree…He ministered to the impotent man at the Pool of Siloam…Jesus ministered where ever He went.

Let’s begin to actively take our place in shining the light of God to those we come into contact with everyday…everywhere we go, we can be a vessel of His love!

May the Lord have His way in each of our lives, as we daily seek to please Him!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore


The Lord Says: Come!

Dear Revival-fire Church Family,

The past few weeks the Lord has been speaking to me about this present time & also the condition of the Church, as a whole. The world is increasingly sliding down a slippery slope, as perversion & lawlessness has become the “norm”…those who are willing to stand up for righteousness are now being persecuted & victimized. The Church needs to hear to the Lord’s cry, as His return draws close. What the Lord spoke to me is very gripping & I was overwhelmed by the immense love His words by which His words were framed. Please prayerfully receive His loving prophetic word to your heart & spirit…please obediently respond to Him, as He SO desires:


“My children, I come to you this day to say I love you with an everlasting love. It is not My desire for any to perish, but that all should come to repentance. I show you a mystery…will you not hear & respond to My loving cry! Behold, it is almost time for My wedding feast…I say unto you, COME! But, as I cry out unto you, many of you have already responded from your hearts with the truth that is within you…for many of you have already made excuse as to why you cannot come. Instead of obeying Me, you have decided to go your own ways & do what is pleasing in your own sight. It deeply grieves Me to say this, but the truth is, many of you only obey Me when it is convenient for you to do so.

Do you not know, or understand that My cry to COME is a command? But so many of My people somehow treat My commands are if they are optional…something that they can pick or chose to their liking…this should not be so! My people, have you forgotten that if you truly love Me, you will keep My commandments?…My commandments are not grievous! Many of you say that you love Me, but can you really see that your life really does not show Me that this is true? Do you not remember…his servant you are whom you yield yourself servant to obey, whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? It is time that you see this & truly begin to yield yourselves unto Me unto obedience!

For so many of you are like as waves of the sea, driven & tossed to & fro & have no true stability. When will you truly see this & come to yourselves that I may help you? There must be a true humility & brokenness for this to happen. It is time for My people to grow up & be who I have called you to be. Do you not see the condition of the world & the direction it is going? Have forgotten that you are the light of the world? The world can only walk in the light that YOU give it…is it any wonder why the world is SO dark! For great darkness have overtaken My people & many can no longer discern as they really need to. Hear Me, My people…COME unto Me & allow Me to wash you & make all things new!

For as you will see the folly of your own ways & begin to see with My heart, you will know that there is much that is in need of change in your lives. For as I look upon My people as a whole, I see much compromise & hypocrisy…for one minute you are praising Me, then another you go back into your secret sin! I am grieved that you have been SO easily blinded by the enemy that you can not see this! Do you not know that I am with you where ever you go? I am always with you – I see ALL that you do. But, instead of repenting, many of My people will listen to a lie that My grace & love, somehow overrides your responsibility to repent. But, soon you will reap the consequences…this will not be pleasant!

I love you & desire for you all to be with Me…please hear My cry & come! Come out from among the unclean thing & I will receive you. Come & truly surrender your lives unto Me…forget that which is behind & reach forward unto the high calling you are destined to in Christ Jesus! For I am coming back for a church that is without spot or blemish…never forget that it is the bride that makes HERSELF ready. This will never happen as long as you continue to live your lives according to your will & obeying the lusts of your flesh! You cannot serve 2 masters…I have already told you this before, but somehow you just don’t seem to get it! Somehow you still think that you can live & do whatever you see fit.

But many of you will say how I have blessed you & justify your life actions by this, but have forgotten that My goodness leads you unto repentance. If you are not repenting, how can you say that this “blessing” is from Me? My goodness does not wink at sin…My goodness frees you to change. My people, it is time that you will truly begin to hear My voice & obey Me out of a heart that really loves Me. Stop loving the world & the things that are in the world…start shining the light that is of Me. Allow Me to change the world through you! If you will look at the evil in the world, you will see that the world is only mirroring the church…for My church is full of sin…it is full of the acceptance of sin.

I am come that you might have life & have it more abundantly…time is running out! It is time that My people make themselves ready…for very soon your Bridegroom comes & it will be time to go out to meet Me. You cannot come if you are not wearing your wedding garment…you will be cast into outer darkness & there will be weeping & gnashing of teeth. I tell you this because I love you & do not want this to happen to you. I tell you this now, so you can have a change of heart, while there is still time. You alone must make the decision to answer My cry to COME! Come to Me in true obedience…come to Me in true repentance…true repentance never needs to be repented of. Come – “excuses” no more!

Let today be a new beginning for you…make a real change…make all things new…no more double-mindedness! Do not deceive yourself any longer…for only as you will be honest with yourself & take responsibility for your actions & decisions can real change come. There can be no more hiding behind “excuses”…it is time to start walking in true integrity…it is time to do what you “say” you will do. Remember, for as much as you have done it to the least of these My brothers, you have done it unto Me…it is time to walk in My love. Love is an action…talk is empty without action! It is time to BE children of the Most High…come before Me…you must do your part & I will surely do Mine, says the Lord”.


The Lord is saying that our lives are evidence of our obedience to Him…He is calling us to COME. When we hear Him say “come”, we are to respond to Him with humility, genuine obedience & repentance. We tell Him many things, but have forgotten that we are only as good as our word…sadly, many times our word means nothing! The Lord says that we are call upon Him to keep His word to us, but always seem to forget that we do not do the same! Many think they are humble, but most of this humility is on the surface. If one is willing to look at things more under the surface, He will show us that we still have pride…we may not be aware of it, but it is there! The same goes for obedience & repentance…He says that many really only surrender to Him halfhearted, in the areas that suits them…so obedience & repentance are never complete…there is always a toggling back & forth…obey, repent, backslide, obey repent, backslide. God says that His people need to walk in true integrity…for without integrity, we are only deceiving ourselves!

May His words of life impact each of you, as they have impacted us!

Love & blessings,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore

A Wave Of Deception Has Come

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As I was praying early this morning during my 3am-6am prayer window, the Lord began to speak to me about something that is transpiring in the world & is beginning to affect His church…He said that a wave of deception has come. Please prayerfully read His prophetic word with an open heart…let Him to speak to you as needed:


“My children, I come to you this day in the love of a Father to warn of what is coming & even now is in the Earth. What I speak of is even beginning to affect My people to varying degrees. I love you all with an everlasting love & desire you to know My love in your hearts greatly in the time ahead. For this I say, that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened & that you may begin to grasp My truth in a greater way. I tell you now that a wave of deception has been released to draw My people away from Me, that their steadfastness in Me would begin to falter & fade away. Understand that this deception is elusive, not blatant, for the latter would be easy for you to spot & to steer clear from.

The deception that is come is on a lesser level…coming in such a way that many of My people will not even know that it is come & these will fall under its spell thinking that all is right with their lives. I speak of righteousness & integrity in your lives…these are things that I hold dear. I desire that you hold to these with unwavering hearts. Never forget that a little leaven leavens the whole lump…if you allow this wave to affect you, you will also succumb to the waves that follow…those waves will affect My people in ways that I never want My people to know…the closeness that you now know in your hearts & lives will diminish…it can ultimately take you away from Me & you will not even be aware of it.

This present wave deceives because it comes in a form that on the surface appears “right”, but under the surface, its real motivation seduces the heart & mind thru SELF. The underlying reality is, it will convince My people to do what it wants by using the desires of the flesh to get its way. How it works is through justifying the behavior of self, so that self gets what it wants & the person believes that nothing is wrong & all is right in their world. This is very dangerous, My children & if not dealt with now, more intrusive waves will come & cause devastation to the walk & life of those who succumb to it. Please…hear the heart of your Heavenly Father & do what is right in My sight while you still can.

I am grieved that some of My people have already begun to move away from Me, through a lack of true righteousness & integrity. Many have even begun to fall into various sin, but have no real repentance in their hearts. They may feel a measure of guilt or remorse for a short time, but then they will come back into My house & seek My presence…this is where this deception does its greatest harm. For many interpret the “feeling” of My presence as a vindication of their life actions & a seduction “winks” at them & tells them that everything is fine & no real repentance takes place. This of course leads to more sin & this web of deception increases, as their unrepentant actions will perpetuate it.

Hear Me, My people…understand that I love you & surely My blood covers all sin…but don’t deceive yourselves to think that you can continue in sin & that My grace will abound. Do not receive My grace in vain, My children, thinking that My grace gives you the power to live in sin! Never forget that when you are tempted, you are drawn away of your own lust & enticed…then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin & then sin when it is finished, brings forth death. I do not want death in My people…you are called to be people of LIFE…My life. You cannot serve two masters…to think so is hypocrisy…surely you know that hypocrisy is something that I despise…run from it while you still can!

This deception is entering into My people because they have allowed compromise & complacency to come into their lives…a little leaven here…a little leaven there. Once this is allowed, it becomes easier & easier to let it in…soon patterns develop in the heart & mind…strongholds begin to form. And because they do not know that complacency & compromise has infected them, they are free to move forward in their actions, thinking there is no consequence for the things that they do. They do not know they are falling away from Me, even though they go to church, feel My presence & do all of the things that religious people do. They do not realize they must seek true repent before it is too late!

My people are to shine as lights in a dark place. True light dispels darkness…corrupt light brings more darkness. I desire you to be like Me…I desire you to walk like Me…run unto the True light…shake yourself free from the deception that is come! Behold, I give you a season of time to repent & do what is right in My sight…come unto Me & let My light shine on your hearts. I will show you what needs to change…for there are things that many are convinced is right in Me, which are really just appeasing self & justifying you are in My will because you can feel My presence. This is not of Me or My will…My will is, that when you come into My presence you are to be CHANGED & become more like ME.

My will is for you to come into My presence & allow Me to go deep within, past the various layers of pride & selfish things in your lives…for there to be a true surrender of SELF…for that is the thing which keeps you from being like Me. The time has come, My children…time to grow up…time to put away childish things…it is time to become grown-up in Me & walk like I walk…it is time for Me to use you in this lost & dying world, but I cannot use you as long as you are no different than the world…you must become like Me. When I was on Earth, I only said what I heard My Father say…I only did what I saw My Father do. BE like Me, My people…truly surrender your hearts & lives to Me, says the Lord”.


Some may read this & think it doesn’t apply to them or wonder why God would say this, but He told me to send it to everyone & to let Him convict the hearts of those who need to receive it. He wants each of us to walk closely with Him in these last days. The great falling away is in progress…have we seriously looked around at the world & wondered why things are becoming more & more evil? Jesus said WE ARE the light of the world. The truth is, the world is the way it is now because corporately the church is not shining the light that Jesus said to shine.

Much of the light His church is shining is really not much different than the world. God said the day would come that men would call evil, good & good, evil…this is happening in the world…it is happening in the church also. This deception is going to increase over time as more waves are released…God’s people need revival in a very GREAT way! God is raising up an army to bring change to as many people as we can before He returns…He has called us to be soldiers of the light.

Let’s receive the Lord’s word today & allow Him to shine His light within our hearts…let Him show us what we need to see of ourselves…so we can repent…so we can change…so we can grow-up & become more like Him.

In His great love & mercy,

Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

This Is A Time Of Transition

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As some of you already know, my wife & I have moved from the So. Texas area to a higher elevation in Central Texas. Approximately 9 months ago, the Lord instructed us to put our house up for sale & to begin packing to move “higher”. After 2 different sales & failed escrows, our house finally sold & escrow closed on January 8th of this year. Shortly after this, with the help of several of our dear family, we moved to the Kerrville area & began to “settle in” over the past 3 months. The entire process has been a time of preparation to bring us to where we are today…He has brought us to a higher place. This speaks both physically & spiritually. The past 9 months have not been easy, but the Lord has brought us through His will for our lives & we are now walking out His next steps for our lives & ministry ahead.

Early this morning as I was praying, the Lord began to speak to me a word for His people about this time. He said just as my wife & I have gone through a time of preparation & change over the past 9 months, He said that this is a time of transition for many of His people…He desires for us to move out of where we have been & to arise to a higher place. Please prayerfully receive His word for this hour:

“My children, be encouraged…for this is a time to rejoice. Be strengthened…for this is a time to stand. Let faith arise…for this is a time to walk into your destiny. For this is the time for you to see yourselves, as you have never seen yourselves before. For change is coming to My people…change that will take you out of your complacency…change that will catapult you to higher heights & deeper depths in Me. For I am preparing My people for what is yet ahead & many of you have already seen changes come. Some of you are in the middle of change now as it unfolds before you. I love you, My children…it is important that you position yourself so you will be able to walk out My plan for your lives.

This is a time for My people to let go of the way things have been & begin to see newness of life…a newness that comes from Me. For many of you have been in the same place for a very long time & many of you have prayed for change to come. Some of you have even begun to wonder if things will ever change in your life. Today I declare to you, that as you will begin to arise in your faith, you will begin to find the substance of things you have hoped for & begin to see the evidence of things unseen…for faith will bring you to your place that I have long desired you to be. Now is the time to trust Me, as you have never trusted Me before…begin to call upon Me for what I have put into your hearts to receive.

Let go of how things have been & begin to see yourselves with eyes of faith. Shake off the complacency that has taken hold of you & allow Me to take you to a higher realm…begin to acquiesce with Me in this hour & watch what I will do. Let that which has fallen to the wayside be taken up again…let Me breathe on it…let Me bring life back to it…for if it has come from Me, I will surely cause it to prosper. I know that it is easy to think that nothing will ever happen for you, but you have to understand things as I see them…for things do not happen according to a carnal understanding…things happen in My timing…things happen in due season…if you faint not…so begin to believe & watch what I will do.

Understand that I am not speaking about presumption or foolish whims…I am speaking about things that I have put within your hearts. If you will honestly look within you, you will be able to discern what is of Me & what is flesh & folly. I speak of that which will move you into My Kingdom…I speak of that which will bring you closer unto Me…I speak of that which I have ordained for this hour, to prepare you for the time ahead. I speak of preparation & change…for this is what will be needed to make you ready for the time that is coming. This is a time of transition for My people…it is important that you know this for yourselves & position yourselves in your place, so that change can come.

For as the changes come, you will find yourselves in position to be impacted by Me in a greater measure…for My Kingdom will come, My will; will be done in you, as it is in Heaven. That is why it is important that you get your eyes off of what you want & begin to get your eyes on what I want for you…for some of you do not know the difference & because of this, changes have come that were not of Me. Some of you have learned this over time…some of you will learn this in the months ahead. The important thing is to learn obedience through the things you suffer…for as long as you will learn from these things, you can eventually be found in your proper place, at a later date…so be sensitive to Me.

Always remember My word in Is 55:11-12…for as My word goes forth out of My mouth, it will not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please & it shall prosper in the thing that I sent it & you will go out with joy & be led forth in peace. Remember…My joy & My peace are imperative for the days ahead…you will greatly need these to stay positioned in the place where I will take you. For in the time ahead, you will see much blessing, but you will also see times of adversity. You need to remember this, so the enemy of your souls does not trick you into becoming shipwrecked because things do not go the way that feel they should go…for this will happen to many down the road.

As many of you have felt “stuck” for a very long time…even now will many become free. Freedom will come so you can accomplish My will for your lives. The reason some of you have been stuck for so long is because you have been unwilling to see things My way & walk out the will I desire for your lives. Some of you may say that this is not true, but this is because you have only seen things in a limited understanding. But, as you will now move along with Me, I will bring the change that needs to come…just be open, willing & obedient to walk out what I lay before you. The hardest part will be to break free from things remaining the same…but as you will persevere in Me, My freedom will soon be realized.

The time of transition has come…be open to what I will bring before you. The time of transition has come…be willing to walk it out. The time of transition has come…be obedient to what I desire for you to do. Let My joy & peace carry you forward in newness of life. Walk out things that are of sound doctrine…do not be misled by ideas or mindsets that do not line up with My word. For a snare has been raised up to deceive My people, so that they would make presumptuous decisions & go in directions that are not of Me. Rest in Me to lead you & take you where you need to go…trust Me to make a way where there seems to be no way. Walk with Me in these & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord”.

We are truly living in exciting times! May the Lord impact you greatly, as you walk out His will for your lives in the days ahead!

In His great love & mercy,
Pastor Mark

Merry Christmas

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

It is Christmas time in this world…the time that the world has chosen to celebrate the birth of God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ. All around the world, people are getting caught up with the “spirit of Christmas”, but to most this is nothing more than a time of partying, covetousness & greed…for whatever they can “get” for Christmas. But, we as God’s children can recognize that all year long it is He that has “given” to us, of His heavenly gift of love. He has saved us & taken care of each of us. He has helped each of us through numerous impossible situations…His grace has carried us through very trying & difficult times. We should never forget that many of these “times” He has helped us “through” things of our own doing, because of our wrong choices & decisions…He is truly faithful & gracious to us!

With all that is happening in the USA & around the world…with all of the distractions that will try to fill our lives, we must consciously take the time to stop, take a deep breath & steer our attentions back to what really matters. Now is the time for His love, joy & peace to increase in us as never before. We need to bring this reality into agreement with our lives…for I sense that we will need His love, joy & peace greater in 2016 than we did this year. The tides are rising…tides of unrest amidst the nations…tides of unrest amidst the perverse persuasions…tides of unrest in ungodly governments. We now, more than ever before need to remember that He will keep us in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him, because we trust in Him (Is. 26:3).

All over the world there is much mental turmoil within many of God’s people…as His people “wrestle” with issues in life…issues in family…issues in this world. I am sure that many reading this can attest to that! We MUST gird up our minds & actively guard our hearts & thoughts, as the enemy of our souls is looking for those he can easily devour. We need to enter into this holiday season truly knowing “Emmanuel” for our own lives…that “God IS with us” (Matt. 1:23)! We need to enjoy this special time of year, even though we know Christ was not born on Dec. 25th, but more like sometime in the Fall. For even though this isn’t the real time of Jesus’ birth God has graced it with a special love, joy & peace, which most everyone in the world seems to enjoy at this time (Gen. 50:20)…we need this also.

We need this, because God desires for us to be immersed within His love greatly…we need this because God wants us to go out with His joy & be led forth with His peace. We can do this, as we will live out our lives, by being led by His word to us (Is. 55:11-12). We have His words, in the Bible…we have His words through His still small voice…we have His word through His leading through prayer. We also have His words through His prophetic & rhema words of life. The important thing to remember is that all of these MUST agree together with what is written. Many times people will allow their lives to be derailed because they followed to words that didn’t agree together with the written word. We must be careful to always prove all things & cleave to that which is good (1 Thes. 5:21).

This year, as we celebrate the time the world sees as our Savior’s birth, let the Lord comfort our hearts & fill us with His love in a more tangible way. Allow His joy & peace to keep us on the path that He has us on & carry us forward into 2016, with all that 2016 has for us. No matter what happens in the world, we are safe in Him. No matter what changes around us, we will not change, because we are being made like unto Him, who is unchangeable. May this Christmas time change your hearts & lives for good…may His love engulf each of you, as you recognize the value of what He has entrusted each of us…His great salvation, through the birth of His Son! Receive the good in this season…for there IS good there…we just have to be open to receive it.

Merry Christmas to each of you!
We love you all,

Pastors Mark & Julie Moore
Revival-Fire Church

Run Unto My Mercy & Grace

Dear Revival-Fire Church Family,

As I have been praying over the past several weeks, the Lord has been slowly imparting an imperative word within me for us, His people. As I have waited on the Lord, this word has become stronger & stronger over the past few days. Today His message is finished & He has given me the release to send this important word out to all who will hear. Please prayerfully receive His loving word to us today:

“My children…hear the heart of your Heavenly Father & run unto My mercy & grace while you still can. I am looking to & fro, over all the Earth & I am seeing My people more & more falling away from Me, into compromise & complacency. The enemy is working within the hearts of My people & convincing them to do so in their lives. There is a seduction taking place & a deception. For many of My people are moving away from Me & are instead embracing things that are of this world. Hear Me, My people, so that you will not succumb to the tactics that the enemy has unleashed…for he knows that his time is short, so he is working hard to take as many people as he can, before I return.

Hear Me, My people & open your hearts unto My words this day. For there is a growing belief that is rising more & more in My people, which would say that it is alright to do the things that many are now “excusing” in their lives…for they deceived themselves to think they always have to time repent at a later time. This is vitally wrong, My people…for no man knows what the future holds! Hear My cry, for I desperately desire My people to be one with Me. Do not listen to words or inclinations that would wink at you & tell you that you have plenty of time to live your lives, doing whatever you want…for this is deception that is trying to remove you from your place of being hidden in Me.

Look within your hearts, My people & remember the parable of the Sower & the Seed…for I gave you 4 conditions, in which My word has been received into the soil of your hearts. For many have allowed My words to be cast to the wayside, not understanding them & taking them truly into their hearts, but trampling My words, saying that My word is not true & I am a liar. These have let the enemy come & devour My word from their hearts. But, others have received My words with joy, into a bitter heart, mingled with unforgiveness. You give men the impression that you love Me, but later when persecution or trials come, you eventually show your true heart, being sorely offended in Me.

Still others, receive My words into hearts mingled with thorns…the thorns are areas that have not been surrendered unto Me & so later, the cares of this life, which is the lust for other things & the deceitfulness of riches choke My words & these produce no fruit to maturity. But, those who with humble & contrite hearts receive My words, having not a closed off heart, as in the wayside…having no heart of bitterness & unforgiveness which keeps My words from bearing any fruit at all…or having no part of their heart that they are not willing to surrender unto Me…these yield much fruit & are greatly used of Me in My Kingdom, some 30, some 60 & some 100 fold. This is what I desire for you all!

These are the choices of each & everyone of My children…there is no one that is exempt from this! For you all will show Me from your inner most heart, which of these you are & which of these you will remain. For each of you has the ability to move from one to the other…forward OR backward…for you have all done both of these over time, as I have watched each of you. I do not say this to scold or be mean to you, but only in love, because I desire you to know the truth, for it is only the truth that shall make you free. So, now I ask you, My people to take My words unto you & to make the decision, as to what you will now do with your lives…for time is running out & you need to come to Me.

Run unto My mercy & grace, My children…while you still can…do not think that you have plenty of time to do so, for this is just not so! For I tell you now, that the opportunity for you to do this, is closing…you do not have the time that you think you do. The enemy has convinced many of My people of this, but that is just not the truth. For even in My word, there has been a deception in understanding this. For My word says that My mercy endures forever, but most have not properly understood this & this in itself created a false sense of knowing within My people. For the word “forever” does not mean, that “there is no end”…it doesn’t mean that at all…or how could there be eternal judgment?

Forever, or everlasting as you read in My word really speaks of “until the age of the ages”…this is unto the White Throne Judgment. For then, My mercy will be no more, but all will remain in whatever state they are in. He that is unjust, will be unjust still…he that is filthy, will be filthy still, he that is righteous, will be righteous still & he that is holy, will be holy still. Make no mistake about this, My people & run unto My mercy & grace while you still can! For the door is closing…it is more closed then you think it is. For, many of you have already discerned this, feeling difficulty to press into Me in your own lives & receive My mercy & grace…this is only going to get harder as time goes by.

If you could see this with your mortal eyes, it would be like envisioning trying to squeeze something through a opening that is smaller than the object. This is why your heart is so important at this time, for it is your heart that is really going through that door unto Me. Today, the opening is so much smaller than it was before…a heart that has hardened against Me, or is stony, or full of thorns can hardly pass through it. I need your hearts to be soft & pliable…for then, you will be able to squeeze through the door, no matter how closed it is, until the end. That is why repentance & humility is so important in your lives today! I need you to know this, so you can walk forward to Me, in the time ahead.

Hear these loving words from your Heavenly Father & respond to Me with a heart that is contrite & humble before Me. For I desire for each of you to come close to Me & stay with Me. You must cast off bitterness, hatred & unforgiveness…you must cast off the lusts & cares of this world & deceitfulness of riches…you must be willing to do this, so you can bear plentiful fruit, unto the end. For time is running out & there is much that is on the horizon. You may not be able to withstand what is coming unless you do this now…for if you wait, you may not be able to find your way to Me & press through the door to My mercy & grace. Hear Me, My children & do what you know you must do.

For if you have problems is seeking Me & finding freedom in Me now while things are still going “good”…how do you think that you will be able to do this when things start to really go bad? This is part of the deception…thinking you will always be able to repent & come unto Me. I need you to recognize that the harder the heart becomes, or the more it is infused with the lusts & desires for other things, the more My words lose value & will not be held to, or even believed. I need you to know this now…before it is too late. Come unto Me, with all of your heart…yield your entire lives unto Me & allow Me to heal you…allow Me to take you unto Myself & make you one with Me, says the Lord”.

My His words impact each of us…as a fire, burning away all the thorns & dross. My His words strike like a hammer & break the rock to pieces. May His words bring the change that He desires in each of us, so we will be prepared for the days ahead!

May His blessings be seen in you all!
In His great love & mercy,
Pastors Mark & Julie Moore